Criticizing Islam taboo in academia, says ex-Yale expert

Jihad Watch:

Apart from the “radical” puffery, this is dead-on. “Criticizing Islam taboo in academia: ex-Yale expert says,” by Janice Arnold for Canadian Jewish News, October 2 (thanks to Lachlan):

MONTREAL — Academics who study Islamic antisemitism are risking career advancement and younger scholars are shying away from the subject as a result, said Montreal native Charles A. Small, who headed a Yale University program in antisemitism until it was shut down last year amid controversy.The Oxford-educated Small is currently the Koret Distinguished Scholar at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution in California and director of the New York-based Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy, which he founded.

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5 Replies to “Criticizing Islam taboo in academia, says ex-Yale expert”

  1. This is a fascinating video in my opinion and the comments are even more interesting on Youtube:

    Save Maryam it is a video in order to help stop apostasy in Indonesia. Which they claim to have 2 million Muslims convert to Christianity per year. The video in my opinion makes the Christians look like the good guys and Islam as not helpful to the poor and other groups and they need money in order to change their image.

    It would seem by reading their comments these missionaries came after the 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and tsunami.

    I been saying this all along the only thing that can fight a religion is religion

  2. Consumerism can fight too :

    watch this French documentary about the life of middle class families in Qatar

    ( in easy French ) ( 1 h 51 min )

  3. So, what’s to be done to stop this pro-islam bias in academia?

    My guess is, it would take a lot of people speaking up about the truth about islam and countering every lie they hear with facts regardless of the price they might pay in the short run. It would mean sacrifices now for gains in the future.

    It would also mean demanding that absolutely no sowdi money be accepted by an educational institution.

  4. Further:

    Tell the sowdis to use that money as foreign aid for the middle east and America can use it’s foreign aid money for the middle east for American education.

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