A meeting in Poland, an attempt to force anti-blasphemy laws in Europe, and some resistance.

There was a signifiant meeting of a pan European organization discussing the main topic for global forums these days and that is the destruction of Western values and freedoms as the thin edge of the wedge, or dare I say, the camels nose inside the tent, of Islamic supremacism within Europe today and yesterday.

I have spent much of the day editing the videos of various 2 minute segments as they come at me from Warsaw.

Please click over to Gates of Vienna for a cogent description of exactly who these people are and what the significance of this gathering is. Below, a sample of the demands being made.

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7 Replies to “A meeting in Poland, an attempt to force anti-blasphemy laws in Europe, and some resistance.”

  1. I am reliably informed that some raw footage of this event is headed my way which should require the prophylactic use of blood pressure meds. Possibly Beta blockers. I hope to have it online by late Thursday night. Rumours seem to indicate that it is classic mustard behavior of tantrums and quasi violent intimidation to crush our culture and freedoms.

  2. Rofl ….. Its Bashy Quirashy “from Denmark” 🙂

    Funny he should talk about criminals when he him self have some unfinished business with the Danish Taxpayers.

    But how the hell did he end up in that places and who`s paying?

  3. western values and freedoms are being eroded by our so called leaders, not the musturds.
    it has always been so.
    we need to change who we vote for and why.

  4. Beats me how intelligent, educated people sit there and listen to the outrageous drivel from this primitive savage. Note the name: Quirashy, a Paki turd who’s ancestors converted to Islam and adopted the name ‘Quraish’- as in Muhammad’s tribe. That alone gives me the creeps. The demands are so ridiculous and absurd that he should be laughed out of the room. Instead, civilised, PC indoctrinated fools find the time to listen to this shiite with awe.


  5. What can one say and the cow jumped over the moon too!. See how these Peggy the elephant characters in the audience just sat there and listened to it all as if the preacher was the wind blowing down the roof over them!

    Well the preacher has got it all wrong again. It is Islam that must STOP where the Human Rights begin- not the other way around. Religions of any kind, least of all Islam do not trump over human rights in the West. No one one from among the 5.5 billion Non Muslims world wide should be obliged or compelled to give a damn about Islam or their profit. The West owe them nothing – it is the other way around.
    Time they cleared off out of the West because it is obvious from their constant cissie boy antics they are not equipped b to cope with life in the modern 21st century world!

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