PRESS RELEASE: Conway Hall cancels hall booking for debate event with Tommy Robinson, head of the English Defence League

Now this is interesting. If you think about this article, even just the headline for less than one minute it becomes obvious that this is a debate more easily won by the cancelation than had it taken place.

When reading it, it is 100% clear to all parties involved that the danger to the public would be by Muslims. Not by the EDL, or ‘fascist’ groups or anyone other than Muslims who would attack this event.

Everyone knows it and no one would even deny it if you allowed them to word it in a slimy way.

So as the debate question was,

‘Islam and Islamophobia: which is a threat to Britain?’ 

The answer is a clear clear win for Tommy Robinson without even showing up.

The danger is Islam.

From Debate Initiative:

PRESS RELEASE: 26th September 2012

MDI regretfully announces that the venue for our public debate with Tommy Robinson on ‘Islam and Islamophobia: which is a threat to Britain?’  – the Conway Hall – has cancelled our booking for 4th October 2012.

Conway Hall, has decided based upon advice from the Police, and under pressure from various anti-fascist organisations and at least one MP, that the event may put the public at risk to public health and safety concerns under the current climate. Despite the security procedures of MDI within the building, the Venue Director was concerned about the safety of attendees outside the hall when going to, and leaving the event. Therefore, Conway Hall has informed Muslim Debate Initiative that for the time being, they will have to cancel the hire of the hall to MDI for this public event.

We regret the decision of Conway Hall to not allow MDI at this time to host Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League as part of an open public debate.

We at Muslim Debate Initiative believe strongly in the need for debate, as a means to discuss and express intellectual and political difference of opinion, and thereby facilitate the public to reach a educated conclusion and judgement upon any matter. MDI believe that there should be no limits to what can be sincerely debated, and no restrictions as to what intellectual or political position can be enunciated for the deliberation of the public and the pursuit of truth and clarity.


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2 Replies to “PRESS RELEASE: Conway Hall cancels hall booking for debate event with Tommy Robinson, head of the English Defence League”

  1. The EDL victory-by-default means nothing to Liberal Leftists and Muslims. They are so far up their own rectums that even a Hermit crab would be jealous of their little safe-houses.
    The doubters, the misinformed, and those with common sense, on the other hand, will be one more step towards realizing that Islam is the biggest threat to peace and freedom, and not the counter-jihadists who wish to warn them.
    Islam is on a very slow (but sure) path to oblivion. My fears are that it could still cause a tremendous amount of damage before its demise. Islam still has its finest days to come, and many will suffer because of it, but rest assured that despite the pain, Islam is already a ‘dead man walking’.
    Unfortunately, this is the longest death-row in history, and Islam will win many battles before it finally succumbs to destiny’s will.
    Keep fighting and keep preaching the truth!

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