Mustard tantrum in Oslo Sept 21 2012


If these are spontaneous protests about an American made trailer on youtube produced by an expat Egyptian Copt, why do they all seems to chant, ‘Behead the Jews’, or, “Remember Khaybar oh Jews” (where Mohamed’s armies slaughtered hundreds of Jewish people) “the armies of Mohamed are coming”

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  1. All i could think when i saw then bend over & start praying in the street is, I wish there was a group of men who rushed out there & kicked each one of them in the ass. It would be less than they deserved. (I’m referring tho the vid on the main page)

  2. Switzerland

    Collective asslifting session in Bern :



    – Vienna :



    Dortmund :

    Freiburg :

    Münster :

    Karlsruhe :

  3. The whole uproar wreaks of ‘david-axelrod-type-political-astro-turfing’. Recall Code Pink, Ayers, & Dohrn – all experienced political agitators, were in Egypt at the birth of the Arab Spring. Begs the question, is there any connection between these traitors and the “Innoncence of Muslims” film narrative? When/who initiated the narrative?

  4. wtd2 in my opinion the people behind the “film” were leftist or Moslems setting up a false flag operation, I have no proof of this and don’t know of any person or group that is checking out this possibility. We do know that the film had been out for months before the protests started, making the entire protest movement a put up job.

    Welcome to the world of a war of shadows, you never really know what is going on or who is responsible.

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