Attacked: a kosher supermarket

An original Translation by Michael Laudahn:

from Le Figaro

A kosher supermarket at Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise) was the taraget, today around noon, of an attack carried out by two persons armed with a grenade ‘of low power’, which left one person slightly injured but caused few damages, has been communicated by various coinciding sources.

Four persons were taken to the Gonesse hospital, one of them suffering from contusions at the arm, the other three being in a state of shock, according to the firefighters. A police source mentioned a ‘low-power grenade’. The direction interrégionale of the police judiciaire (DIPJ) [CID] at Versailles is in charge of the investigation.

By the middle of the afternoon, none of the presumed aggressors had been arrested, according to the source. ‘A plaster grenade has broken the store’s glass door, it was not an inflammable or explosive object’, declared Marc Djeballi, responsible of the city’s jewish community, who repaired to the location. ‘The damages are minor’, he added. ‘There was in fact an attack at the interior of a kosher supermarket at Sarcelles, around noon time’, including ‘two individuals wearing black clothes who threw an object’, announced earlier Richard Prasquier, président du Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France (CRIF).

At this time, no link can be established between this attack and the tensions triggered by the islamophobe film Innocence of Muslims or the caricatures of the prophet Mohammed, today published by Charlie Hebdo [satirical weekly]. ‘Many people stock up just before the Kippur fest, which falls on coming wednesday’, explained for his part Moshé Cohen-Sabban, président des communautés juives du Val-d’Oise.

According to him, presently there are no particular inter-community problems at Sarcelles, ‘despite problems of rudeness’. ‘But there is a strong climate of antisemitism at a national level. For no specific cause, this can easily escalate’, he explained.

Sammy Ghozlan, président du Bureau National de Vigilance Contre les Actes Antisémites (BNVCAA), said that the two aggressors, who had their faces masked, threw a big ‘grenade’ into the store, a ‘supérette’.

The président du consistoire, Joël Mergui, announced that he was repairing to the site. Numerous CRS vehicles  were stationed at the city limits, at the access to the police station.   Sarcelles, at times monikered ‘petite Jérusalem’, popular municipality counting 60 000 inhabitants north of Paris, accomodates a relevant jewish community which came from northern Africa in the 1960s.

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