Geert Wilders may well have his visa denied to enter Australia.

Watch some of the Sydney riot videos after or before you watch this one and consider who the Australians do give visas too presumably without too much difficulty.

If the Ozzies deny Geert a visa, it will signal surrender to the most vile, the most illiberal, the most anti feminist and anti equality forces in the world. It will be a genuine modern tragedy. One that Shakespear could not have written about. Becuase he himself would be silenced by fatwa or death.

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6 Replies to “Geert Wilders may well have his visa denied to enter Australia.”

  1. If his visa is denied, the lines will be drawn and Australians will know their freedoms have been compromised in favor of pandering to muslims and hopefully the counter-jihadists will finally begin to fight back in earnest.

  2. No reason why he should not get a visa to come here. If he is knocked back I’ll be asking questions of Federal Government Ministers…

    Don’t say most-liberal in the above context here. The Liberal National party (Opposition parties) are conservative and pro-freedom of the individual. More aligned with Yankee Republicans.

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