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6 Replies to “Check the posters rioters in Egypt are carrying. This video is current. Uploaded within 2 hours ago to YT”

  1. So, is it still safe for tourists to go to Egypt or has it pretty much turned into a no-go zone for Westerners. I sure don’t see any Westerners in these videos – I think they would be killed on sight. I suppose the sea-side resorts are probably business-as-usual, but can you still go to Cairo? Ah, well, at least it’s still nice and safe in Syria…

  2. Why again are funding the savages? Any bribery is great for the leaders to buy their French villas in Marseille, but does NOTHING to further OUR interests. Lets spend that money on seniors, education and infrastructure. It was a noble thought but Pygmalion was JUST a story…Stop all funding and poison the water. rid the planet of this vermin. Spooky with a flaming Bofors is a nice thought…If they can’t tolerate tolerance, let them know death, destruction and fear.

  3. Spooky as a 20mm electric powered gatling gun, it makes the Bofors look non violent.

    We are funding them for two reasons, 1) during the Cold War the bribes were to keep the communists out (yes the communists were trying to take over the world) 2) the current leadership of the west is so stupid that they think they can use tactics and policies that have always failed and make them work.

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