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7 Replies to “More bad news than good from Immigration minister Kenney. “highest sustained immigration to Canada ever”…”

  1. Can they not see what has happened to the U.K. and Europe? We need a freeze on immigration of uneducated people until the unemployment rate has fallen below 2%. And especially no more Mohammedans – their primitive ignorance brings in and propagates a cultural poison which is totally incompatible with Western values. They, above all others, will never assimilate, but will try to Islamify the host nation using taqiyya and lawfare.

  2. Despite these latest attempts to curtail illegal immigration , I think the government, Mr. Kenney included are far too soft on immigrants. The amount could easily be cut in half and still be far too much. I say reduce it by at least two thirds and spend more time thoroughly investigating the backgrounds of people that may be allowed to enter Canada. Immediately put a moratorium on muslim & roma immigration. All immigration should be based on the needs of the country NOT the immigrant. And certainly refugees, the ones without documentation deserve the most scrutiny.

  3. We are sitting on an immigration time bomb. In the hopes that more of you will write to relay your displeasure to the government, forgive me, but I once again try to make it easy for you by posting this info.

    Besides Prime Minsister Harper and Mr.Kenney

    [email protected]?
    [email protected]

    there’s this from “Immigration Watch:”

    The 12 MP’s who are on the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration spend most of their time discussing immigration and refugee issues. They make decisions on what immigration and refugee changes should be introduced to the House of Commons. Incredible as it may sound, they spend almost all of their time listening to Canada’s immigration industry (immigration lawyers, immigration consultants and ethnic groups whose votes they want).

    These MP’s need to hear from real Canadians. Here are their names and e-mail addresses :
    Roxanne James ([email protected])?
    Costas Menegakis ([email protected])?
    Rathika Sitsabaiesan ([email protected])?
    Rick Dykstra ([email protected])?
    Kevin Lamoureux ([email protected])?
    Ted Opitz ([email protected])?
    David Tilson ([email protected])?
    Sadia Groguhe ([email protected])?
    Chungsen Leung ([email protected])?
    Jinny Sims ([email protected])?
    John Weston ([email protected])

  4. People who were suspected or known to spread their totalitarian ideology or tried to enslave the west or put down the western civilisation should be deported or banned from entry to the west. They are the ones that are offensive and not us infidels.

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