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3 Replies to “Pakistani imam finds that the Koran makes excellent material for framing”

  1. It says that Rimsha was brought to court hidden under a sheet. Mmm…. ‘didn’t really didn’t notice myself. All the other women in the video seemed to be hidden under sheets as well. Funny that isn’t it?
    But on a serious note…. will this make the Left open their eyes, now that the Imam has clearly said that he did what he did to drive Christians out of the area?
    After all, Islam is a religion of tolerance, so why would any Muslim want to get rid of Christians?
    No, the Left won’t notice at all. They’ll just claim that the Imam was a misunderstander of Islam. Funny that isn’t it? A cleric, who’s job it is after all, to understand Islam, to study the Koran and know what it means, will be seen as a misunderstander by all the experts who know the Koran better than he does, all these Leftist experts who probably haven’t read one single word of it!
    Oh, the irony is astonishing, but some people just aren’t getting it.

  2. The shitlamics have had since the 1400’s to understand the queeran and yet after all this time they still dont understand it as it is i dont understand shitlam, one minute they are proclaiming to be the “religion of peace” then a second later they are chopping heads off or blowing themselves up and taking several innocent people with them, and the useless governments stand by and deny that it happens.

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