Slavery in 2012

UNESCO actually appears todo something useful, makes little attempt to advertise it but the MSM would have ignored it anyway.

I guess it would be islamophobia to say “slavery is encompassed by the Islamic faith” and is still widely practiced in the islamic world. even in London muslims have been caught owning them.

But reality is nothing is being done, there are more people in slavery now than at any other time in human history, the vast majority in islamic countries or owned by muslims.

today from UNPO…

UNPO General Secretary’s Statement on the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition


UNPO General Secretary Marino Busdachin’s Statement on the 2012 UNESCO International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition.

Brussels, 23 August 2012 – On the occasion of the 2012 UNESCO International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) joins in the commemoration of those who suffered as a result of their enslavement, and to draw awareness to those whose lives continue to reflect the tragedy of the slave trade today.   Today’s Day of Remembrance aims to collectively consider the historic roots and causes that led to the slave trade, its effects, and present an opportunity for UNESCO Member States to promote intercultural dialogue, and in UNESCO’s words, ‘further the values of tolerance, respect, acceptance and appreciation of the equal dignity of human beings.’

‘Today is an opportunity to not only consider the historical origins of the slave trade, but also to shed light on its legacy today and conditions that have remained unchanged,’ stated UNPO General Secretary, Marino Busdachin, who noted thatwe cannot let today pass without drawing attention to the current situation of Biram Ould Abeid, president of the ‘Initiative de Résurgence du Mouvement Abolitionniste de Mauritanie’ (IRA), who remains imprisoned for his anti-slavery activism in Mauritania, along with six fellow activists. I urge the Mauritanian authorities in the strongest of terms to release Ould Abeid and his fellow activists, and to take active measures to finally end the practice of slavery in Mauritania.’

Biram Ould Abeid was arrested in May 2012, following his act of burning several pages of a Malikite theological book, according to which slavery is encompassed by the Islamic faith. The aim of Mr. Abeid was to draw attention to how slavery continues to be embedded in Mauritanian society at a cultural and religious level. Although Mauritania abolished slavery in 1981, it was not until 2007 that legislation officially criminalising slave owners was passed. However to date, the Mauritanian judiciary have only prosecuted one case, and an estimated 10% to 20% of Mauritania’s 3.4 million population remain enslaved.

In light of this, the Mauritanian authorities must implement its anti-slavery legislation in order to bring an end to contemporary forms of slavery, and to release Biram Ould Abeid and his fellow activists from prison. Furthermore, Mauritania, as a UNESCO Member State, should use the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and of its Abolition to encourage all Mauritanians to consider the historical causes of slavery in Mauritania and the legacy it continues to have today.

Note to Editors:

Contemporary slaves carry a value of $90 which is a historic low. Two hundred years ago, a slave cost approximately $40,000 in values adjusted for today according to commentary by CNN.

UN Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Gulnara Shahinian noted that in Mauritania slavery ‘… victims said that they were utterly deprived of their basic human rights. Having no alternative, they voluntarily stay or after fleeing, return back to slavery. This perpetuates the vicious circle of slavery for men, women and children.’

For more information on the situation of Biram Ould Abeid, please click here

for the rest at UNPO

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  1. Quote: Remembrance of the Slave Trade end

    The slave trade is alive and well.
    It’s even growing. A “remembrance of the slave trade” is a massive deception.

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