Italy: 90-year-old beats two Moroccan muggers

Its amazing what you can accomplish when you actually fight back. That seems to be the theme of the day actually.


Turin, 22 Aug. (AKI) – A 90-year-old man in Turin beat two men with a stick for stealing his gold necklace in the northern city of Turin on Wednesday. The two alleged thieves, both Moroccans, were arrested.

The elderly man was walking to the news agent when the pair, 28 and 30 years old, used an excuse to pull him over to steal his gold necklace. The victim violently beat them, causing one of them to drop the necklace and run. The other criminal managed to pick the necklace up and escape.

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5 Replies to “Italy: 90-year-old beats two Moroccan muggers”

  1. The feel good story of the day. To all muzzturds, do not, NOT mess with Italian senior citizens! They will f**k you up, bad! They will violently bash you a new zabibba, on your backside! As we all know, there is nothing pious about a “butt zabibba” any more than martyrdom by “butt bomb,” but I guess that is more than a little redundant considering the whole lot of you are flatulent butt heads anyway.


  2. After you reach a certain age you realize you have nothing to lose, it makes you brave, the younger men think about a prison sentence and back off.

    Think how the two muggers are going to be treated in the pen after a 90 year old man kicked their butt.

  3. Richard:

    That is assuming that it won’t be the 90 year old who goes to jail for racism, assault with a weapon, infringing on an immigrants right to make a living, interfering with a Moroccan at work.

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