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4 Replies to “FOX Clip: Former Israeli intel chief on Iranian ‘welcoming of Israeli preemptive strike’”

  1. People might easily overlook the most significant part of this vid.

    From the sidebar on the vid: America has provided Israel with 90 bunker busters.

    Say Shalom to my little friend. HA!

    (And for our non hebrew speaking friends, shalom means both hello AND goodbye. Heh.)

  2. It might be wiser for Israel to accept a nuclear strike on Tel Aviv & then target every Iranian city over 50,000 people.

    It might have a better chance of survival.

    Even if the world press know that Iran would strike 1st once they have the bomb, they would still gin up anti-Israel sentiment in the west so that America allows Middle Eastern Countries to attack Israel, provide them intelligence & weapons while not doing the same for Israel.

    Afghans are being deported (both legal ) form Iran. Iran is hurting. whether it causes the government to fall is doubtful. Iran will have the bomb if the Cloward-Piven President of America has anything to say about it.

    I expect Egypt & Iran to all y to attack Iran. Egypt is going to have serious food riots in the next 12 to 18 months. These are the factors. The drought. the new EPA mandate to increase the percentage of alcohol in gasoline by 50%. Russia, China,,the UN & some others have asked that Obama rescind this mandate. He won’t due to Cornbelt votes, belief that this is necessary for energy security, he wants war, or he is just stupid.

    Egypt foreign currency reserves are draining about 1 billion a month. There are about 14 or 15 months left. Egyptian can become a friendly place where tourists want to visit. Egyptians can self deport from Egypt in sufficient numbers & send remittances. Egypt can devalue its’ currency & people don’t riot in numbers before the devaluation makes Egypt’s exports more attractive. The MB can go to war to distract people. The MB government falls.

    Of course the Ayatollahs always want to kill infidels 7 got to war declared or undeclared, using intel personnel or terrorists. Allying with Egypt makes sense in the short run.

    Maybe we get lucky & the resident troll gets drafted into a Muslim army as cannon fodder when he visits said country.

  3. Truthiocity

    Iran has reinforced their facilities. We’ll see. What I would do, I can’t say.

    I believe that Machiavelli had a partial truth. Christ is better than Machiavelli.

    But when dealing with the Ayatollahs it is imperative that they fear us.

  4. John the Israelis can’t accept a first strike, depending on the size of the warhead and the material used in the casing there could be a major fallout problem from allowing a nuke to be exploded. While the land could be decontaminated doing this for most of Israel would be a major undertaking.

    Truthiocity the bunker busters we provided are the old style, they don’t have the capabilities of penetrating deep enough to take out the hardened bunkers, using those bombs it would take the better part of a month and probably over 1000 bombs to nibble a hole down to the bunker.

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