Pakistani girl accused of Qur’an burning could face death penalty


Tensions rise between Muslim and Christian communities amid claims that 11-year-old desecrated text

A Christian neighborhood in Islamabad

A Christian neighborhood in Islamabad. Around 900 Christians living on the city’s outskirts have been ordered to leave. Photograph: Muhammed Muheisen/AP

An 11-year-old Christian Pakistani girl said to suffer from a mental disorder could face the death penalty under the country’s notorious blasphemy laws, after she was accused by her neighbours of deliberately burning sacred Islamic texts.

Rifta Masih was arrested on Thursday, after complaints against her prompted angry demonstrations, and Asif Ali Zardari, the president, has ordered the interior ministry to investigate the case.

As communal tensions continued to rise, around 900 Christians living on the outskirts of Islamabad have been ordered to leave a neighbourhood where they have lived for almost two decades.

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7 Replies to “Pakistani girl accused of Qur’an burning could face death penalty”

  1. Vlad/Eeyore, apologies for being off-topic, but readers might be interested in what has been going on in Moscow today. On this occasion though, it has nothing to do with Pussy Riot.

    Once more, the streets of the Russian capital have been filled with tens of thousands of Muslims praying to mark Eid. Yesterday, it was announced that a new 60,000-capacity mosque is to be built on the outskirts of the city, and today the Russian Council of Muftis has issued a demand that a mosque be built in each of Moscow’s administrative districts. This, it would seem, has not gone down well with ordinary Russians. A video, pictures and translations of comments on the mosque proposals left by ordinary members of the Russian public can be accessed here:

  2. So they are demanding for Mosques to be built where there may be no Muslims.


    If we all became Muslims there would still be no peace. I considered that once, but then I read where some friendly Sunnis rolled a grenade into a Shia Mosque about 1985. That was very friendly & considerate of the Sunnis. Why would I consider it about 1999? under a lot of stress. This isn’t going to end well.

    Muslims do know fear. It is just a matter of them thinking that you are determined enough & have the goods. Return to the Planet of the apes was a good start. Mother of all suicide bombs or MAD

  3. First she is 11. Second she is retarded. She can’t be held accountable.

    Third they could have lied about it & threatened the girl until she said she did it or tricked her into doing it.

    Pakistan needs to start a war with somebody & get their ___ handed to them

  4. Off topic but I don’t know if you look at old stories.

    This made Zerohedge now

    I am siding with this guy. I don;t think now is the time for revolution, but i hear this all the time form the Black Panthers & not a things is done.

    Governance is done in such a poor manner I wonder when it will all fall apart. Where does one live? Near relatives for starters. One should work hard so they can get a back up generator etc,

    States are borrowing money form private banks by securitizing future taxes. that is wrong in so many ways & tells me that the fools in government don;t get it. Hence the charge of poor governance.

    BTW the 1st Muslims governor of Egypt ruled with a light hand & light taxes. The people liked him. the next Muslim governor was a real Bi___. Islam is not the answer.

  5. Typical muzzies they need their daily fix of killing someone and this poor girl has to bear the brunt of their sexually frustrated, tiny little minds

  6. I don’t think this little Girl has the Mental Disorder,it’s the muzzies covering up for theirs,and they pick on a little 11 yr.old Child,it’s so-so disgustingly SICK.!!

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