So, what exactly is a ‘no-go zone’, and how does it happen?

Below is an original translation (Thank you Bear) from a French article about the suspension of mail delivery in an entire area of France. The mail system decided to suspend service to this area because of constant theft of vehicles as well as mail from the carriers and I would wager much worse than that. I bet they gave up using female carriers some time ago for that matter.

In any case when you see a retreat from public services such as mail, fire, police and emergency services from an area, you also see loss of sovereignty of that area. The area effectively no longer is governed by the laws of the nation.

Ontario has allowed exactly such lawless areas to form due to brigands who use the politically correct veneer of being amer-Indians to frighten people not to react with force to what is nothing more than sheer organized crime in places like Caledonia.

In much of Europe it is Muslims who are using similar tactics to create zones where the nation state has no actual control whatsoever, but worst of all scenarios, actually has to pay massive amounts of money to the residents of the area to stop them from commiting crimes more in all the other areas.

I suppose this is what they mean by, ‘Jizya’

Thanks again Bear for the translation:

H/T Islam Vs. Europe

From Yahoo France:

Due to security concerns, the mail will not distribute parcels in the neighborhood of Saint-Louis de Carrieres-sous-Poissy. The inhabitants are forced to go to the main post office. It’s indignation in front of the post office of Carrières-sous-Poissy. Long waiting lines have been forming for the pass two weeks on the sidewalk at the door of the building downtown.

A suspension of the distribution of parcels was recommended in the neighborhood Saint-Louis is the origin of this phenomenon. Saturday morning a few exasperated clients gave up and just left. The inhabitants of the area that have to move and wait in queues in order to retrieve their packages are in fact angry.

Informed by the letter from the postal worker, they denounce this situation and judge it as extremely penalyzing. “I do not have means of transportationand I am forced to take the bus to get my letter” Explains Jeanne, retired. Numerous are those that complain and arm themselves with patience before arriving at the counter. “you have to expect more than half an hour up to an hour” indicates Ahmed.

Des facteurs se sont fait dérober leur scooter The depertemental direction of the mail explains that “the distribution of mail was suspended in a few sectors of the area because of lack of civility” “we have been victims of theft of scooters and of mail she points out. We want to protect our agents and the letters” Many times the postman up on the floors of buildings to bring parcels or recommended letters come back down to discover the disapearance of their scooter parked in front of the building. Others have been robbed of part of the contents of their bags. “the distribution is interrupted temporarily” reassures the mail. “Ideas for a solution are welcome” says the mail.

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  1. I have a solution: Stop all muslim immigration, deport or repatriate the rest and if they refuse to go, round them up, strap parachutes to them,load them on planes and drop them over the Middle East. If that doesn’t work, repeat but without the parachutes. That should take care of the car-b-ques, crime, drain on the welfare system, rapes, unreasonable demands, no-go zones,the ruination the country & it’s culture and jizyya.

  2. Back in the 60s some SF stories were written about how the centers of the cities would become ungovernable and turned over to the gangs, I thought they were bull but they are coming true.

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