Gay man raped cruising park in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Two Iranian men arrested over rape and assault of 22-year-old in Danish capital

| By Matthew Jenkin
22-year-old gay man raped in Copenhagen's H C Ørstedsparken park, a well known cruising ground

A 22-year-old gay man was raped after cruising in a park in Copenhagen, Denmark, yesterday morning (2 August).

The victim said he had flirted with one of the two alleged offenders and had agreed to have sex with him in the H C Ørstedsparken park before the assault. The site is well known as a popular cruising ground for gay men in the Danish capital.

However, the men became violent and tried to strangle the victim, ripping off his pants and raping him, Homotropolis reports.

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18 Replies to “Gay man raped cruising park in Copenhagen, Denmark”

  1. he agreed to sex but I doubt he specified if violent sex was acceptable.

    This should be a non-story
    They would never be convected in court unless the victim died from his injuries.

  2. If a person is going around a mall spending money willy nilly and buying up everything they see that they want, it does not justify people robbing and beating that man one bit. Yes, its true that if you are very loose with your money and you show it off, your chances of getting robbed are higher and many people will show some schadenfreude if and when he is beaten and robbed, But it does not make it right.

    When a young hot girl goes out at night in a tight black dress and has a bunch of drinks while she looks over the crowd to see if anyone out there might be a potential sexual partner for her that night, it does not give anyone the right to rape her. Yes, Iftikhar will claim it does as he has many many times here on this very site when justifying the staggering degree of Islamic pimping and rape of young British girls.

    I need to make this very very clear:

    If each and every one of those teenage British girls were going out and sleeping with 20 boys and men a night each it does not give even the slightest right or even justification for anyone to rape them. No more than you get to rob and beat someone who is spending their own money for their own purposes.

    This gay man was acting in a way that repulses me beyond words. But it needs to be understood that this gives no more right to those two Iranians to beat and rape him than either of the other two cases above.

  3. Its basically the difference between going to a horror film and getting the shit kicked out of you in the parking lot on the way to your car. One is something you desire under your own terms and the other is something other people do to you for their reasons and not yours.

  4. “when things got rough he said NO! And NO means NO!”

    not really

    The S&M people use code words to get out of aggressive sex. The words “No” “STOP” is part of the game.

    Eeyore the article clearly states he consented:
    “The victim said he had flirted with one of the two alleged offenders and had *agreed to have sex* with him in the H C Ørstedsparken park before the assault”

    He consented
    Lesson to learn… get to know who you have sex with.
    end of story.

  5. No it’s NOT the end of the story. There was no prior agreement that NO meant carry on. He said NO, which cancelled any previous consent, what followed after that was rape. Now it’s the end of the story.

  6. Gay men should understand that the days they could cruise public spaces without risk are OVER, and will remain so for decades to come.

  7. “There was no prior agreement that NO meant carry on.”

    I don’t hang out at those places i wouldn’t know their ‘rules’ or agreements.

    I don’t give a darn about this case to be honest

  8. @OxAo You said “The S&M people use code words to get out of aggressive sex. The words “No” “STOP” is part of the game.” I was addressing that comment of yours in my last comment.

    Maybe you’re not aware of how your comments sounded but in general you came across sounding like a person no intelligent female would choose to date because you do not respect the meaning of the word no.

  9. A lady wouldn’t be doing what this guy was doing. He was looking to have twisted kinky sex in a park with a stranger. As far as I know anything should go.

  10. @ OxAO

    You’re missing the point, NO means NO whomever is involved. Anything after NO is rape no matter who’s involved, where it happens, etc., etc., Your bias is blinding you, at least I hope that’s what it is, otherwise you should not be trusted with women.

  11. Fred you are right, those days are over, the Moslems and the blacks are openly hunting gays to beat and rob them, and with the Moslems rape is added to the menu.

    The actions of the gay (which are repugnant and involve more then a little viciousness) don’t over rule their rights, their rights are being violated and the media has decided to ignore these violations because the blacks and the Moslems are more important to the left then the gays.

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