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3 Replies to “Paul Weston speaks at the SION conference Aug 4 Stockholm Sweden”

  1. OT

    For a long while I have wondered why men or “Men of the West”, have been absent in this war that Islam has always waged on us. Why is it that there are hardly any men in this war? If men were in this war, Muslims would have been gone from here. In fact, they would be fearful of even entering into our realm, knowing as they do what “Men of the West” are capable of.

    This is a a must read

    It offers an explanation to what has happened in the West – from family breakdown, truancy, a collapsing manufacturing system and economy, fall in educational standards, rise in violent crime, family breakdown leading to community and national breakdown.

    The Garbage Generation

    Chapter I :The Pathology of the Female-headed Family


    This is a long read, 11 chapters in all.

  2. “The Pathology of the Female-headed family”. You’ve got to be joking . What’s the matter, tired of bashing gays?

  3. Because the West had been wasting their time sympatising with those downtrodden islamic women and islamic men. Those islamic people have such a huge islamic communities, around the world. I am sure they can get their sympathy from their own islamic communities.

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