A youngster punches a police officer’s face four times: Case closed!

Translation: Michael Laudahn


Alil does not yet have the habit to ‘beat police officers’!

A youngster punches four times into a police officer’s face: file closed!

Brussels: Alil, 23, has beaten, free of charge, a police officer: He has been acquitted, without any consequences, by the Brussels prosecutor’s office.

Last thursday, around 11 in the morning, Alil rides on his 50 cc moped a one-way street in the wrong direction – Gineststraat, Sint-Joost-ten-Noode towards Sint-Lazarusplaats -, suddenly facing a vehicle. The driver, a 37-year old police officer [apparently in plain clothes] of the Nord [police] zone, prepares to follow his duties. Alil immediately insults the cop – who himself drives in the right direction… ‘You wanted to kill me, dirty son of a bitch. You were trying to drive over me, dirty son of a bitch…’

The officer keeps his cool, responding that it’s he who rides in the wrong direction, that it’s he who rides like a madman, and that it’s he who is wrong. Alil, identifying his victim as a police officer: ‘You are a cop?!’

The officer confirms that Alil’s insight is correct and glances at the rear end of his scooter, hoping to see his licence plate. ‘No chance, there’s no licence plate, but I will stop’, Alil scorns him. The youngster dismounts his moped, resuming the situation the way he perceives it: ‘You don’t even wear a uniform, you have nothing to tell me, you wanted to kill me…’

So the cop tries to call reinforcements, but Alil decides not to wait endlessly. When the officer puts his hand on his forearm, to make him understand to wait for the reinforcements’ arrival, he receives three punches in his face.

As usual, a crowd has formed: The curious crowd demand that Alil ‘calm down’ and that the officer ‘let him go’…

Suddenly Alil realises that he is in the middle of ramadan: ‘You’ve also broken my ramadan, dirty son of a bitch’, he shouts at the officer, while giving him a fourth punch right into his face.

Put at the discretion of the Brussels’ prosecutor’s office, his file was closed within 48 hours. An convenience decision motivated by the absence of previous criminal records on part of the youngster

[Translator: wouldn’t this have been a chance to start with them?] 

Put differently, no consequences because Alil doesn’t have the habitude to beat! The officer himself has been put on a six-days sick leave.

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4 Replies to “A youngster punches a police officer’s face four times: Case closed!”

  1. F______ hard to believe.

    Came you blame the police? If the prosecutors, judges & politicians will not do their duty. the fish starts rotting form the head.

    If there is a space faring race & they act like Muslims or they do not act like Muslims we are doomed. If they act like Muslims they will wipe out Earthlings. If they are not like muslims but know of earth history they will assume they cannot risk muslims gaining the upper hand & will wipe us out anyway.

  2. If this was anyone else they would have been charged, locked up and the key thrown away but because it was a muzzie he gets away with it, what sort of message does this send to the crims and citizens that trust the justice system to look after them. it needs to be one law across the board and keep religion out of it.

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