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7 Replies to “Two mullahs raise glasses for a toast, islam style”

  1. Over half a century ago, when I was very young and inexperienced soldier and fresh out of training, I was posted to the middle East. On arrival at my new unit I reported to my Troop Sergeant he gave me the following sound advice.

    “This is your first time out here lad so listen hard. Those people out there are Muslims, and they are different from anything you have ever known. If you put three of them in a room together two of them will gang up on the other then, halfway through, one of them will change sides, but if you should walk into that room all three of them drop whatever they are doing to each other and turn on you. Your only options will be to leave if you can or shoot if you can’t and whatever you do, do not try to reason or argue with them because it simply won’t work. They are Muslims, and they’re all brain dead. Now go get your kit unpacked and draw your weapons. Welcome to X Troop.”

  2. Seneca III:
    Back in the days before political correctness. If your Troop Sergeant said that today, he would probably be court-martialed. It’s amazing that back then there were people who knew just what Muslims were like, but today with what should be fifty years more experience, many people are clueless.

  3. Muslims are not idiots because they are muslims, on the contrary: they are muslims because they are idiots in the first place. Having even a chicken-sized brain a person would not believe the shit muslims teachings. Who is converting to islam? Blacks, leftist and few white brain dead creeps. Try to talk sense to any of these and you will see right away. Muslims hate monkeys, pigs and dogs, over all Jews and Christians, because all these species are inteligent, something that muslims pretend to be but cannot demonstrate. Read a Bible and learn to be wise, read a quran and learn to be a terrorist, murderer, liar and robber. First is inspired by the word of our Creator the second is terrorist’s manual written by a thief, murderer, pedophile devil worshiper false prophet Muhamed (SOHG).

  4. @ Roger

    Why should anyone have “tolerance” for a violent, totalitarian cult masquerading as a religion? “Religion” is a beard for islam/s political ideology. Wake the hell up before they have you bent over with your ass in the air and all the females in your family veiled, because that’s what’s coming down the pike. Prove me wrong, I dare you.

    What I usually recommend for people who seem uneducated about islam, is that you do some unbiased research for yourself by checking out “pro” and “anti” islam sites. What have you got to lose? If you’re right you will have more ammunition to counter us “islamophobes’ but if you’re wrong you’ll have to admit it and choose whether or not to defend your freedoms.

    There are tons of pro-islam sites out there which you will soon find are good at lying and twisting the truth but not good enough at it to get it over on anyone with above average intelligence so just use a search engine for those.

    Here are some recommended anti-islam sites:

    Citizen Warrior

    Political Islam

    Jihad Watch

    Vlad Tepes

    islam Watch

    Islam the Religion of Peace

    Strategic Goals of the Muslim Brotherhood
    Please view the full document

    The Fatal Threat of Islam to the West

    Three things about islam

    Four Stages of Islamic Conquest

    I have no doubt that if you do some good, basic, unbiased research you will be joining our ranks, just like I did a few years back when I went on line in search of good arguments to use against those “racist” “Islamophobes”.

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