British executive facing jail in Dubai after calling Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ in text message to Muslim colleague

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By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 16:18 EST, 9 August 2012 | UPDATED: 16:18 EST, 9 August 2012

A high-flying British executive accused of calling the Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ is facing up to three years in a Dubai jail.

Deep Marwaha allegedly texted a Muslim colleague with a volley of abuse after he performed a holy ritual while the pair were working in Saudi Arabia.

The 35-year-old, a manager at UK-based conference organising firm Informa, was said to have texted fellow Brit Khalid Shafique with the words: ‘F*** you, f*** your Islam and f*** your prophet. Your Prophet Mohammad is a complete paedophile. Now show what you can do. I know lots of sheikhs.’

Both Marwaha and Mr Shafique, who are British but live in Dubai, pictured, are frequent visitors to Saudi Arabia where the offence is alleged to have happened Both Marwaha and Mr Shafique, who are British but live in Dubai, pictured, are frequent visitors to Saudi Arabia where the offence is alleged to have happened

Fellow Informa colleague Mr Shafique, 34, complained to police that Marwaha was angry when he went to perform Umrah, a form of pilgrimage in Mecca, when their business meetings were over for the day.

He resigned from the company and claimed he received the insulting text message two days later at 1.15am.

But Marwaha, who went to £15,000-a-year Latymer Upper School in west London before studying at Middlesex University, denied sending the abuse and said he was sleeping when the messages were sent.

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20 Replies to “British executive facing jail in Dubai after calling Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ in text message to Muslim colleague”

  1. Example how morality can be stretched?
    In my lifetime, I have seen:
    – unmarried couple cohabitation accepted
    – homosexuality decriminalised
    – abortion decriminalised
    – lowering of the age of consent
    Just a few examples where was was taboo one day became the norm the next, just by a vote in Parliament.
    By the way, a survey about sexual activite among teenagers a few years ago, revealed that 65% of 15 years old girls admitted having lost their virginity, and many confessed as young as 12!
    So spare us the indignation!
    We just live in a very sexualised society, and children follow the trend.

    In English law, an adult male having penetrating sex with a girl under the age of consent is “Statutory rape”. So, the male has to be over 18, and the female below 15; it doesn’t make anydifference if he is 21, 40 or 85. The law applies regardless.

    It is not considered paedophilia if the victim was 13 years old.
    Rape and paedophilia are different crimes.

    US law is more or less the same: Roman Polansky was prosecuted for “Statutory rape” for having sex with a willing 13 years old girl – he was never accused of paedophilia.

    But you and other Islamophobes deliberately use the word paedophiles ad nauseam to describe Muslims, because of the resulsion the term causes in most folks.

  2. Quotes from Ihtikhar:

    “It is not considered paedophilia if the victim was 13 years old.”

    “Roman Polansky was prosecuted for “Statutory rape” for having sex with a willing 13 years old girl – he was never accused of paedophilia. ”

    Just to remind you that the Prophet Mohammed had sex with Aisha when she was NINE years old! Now THAT is paedophilia! You lying Muslim scumbags call it what you like but we know what it really is!

  3. Bob: Don’t let him get away with his big lie while looking at all his little ones.

    The big lie is that somehow its OK to rape someone because they are already having lots of sex. At least statistically for that group.

    This is tantamount to saying that people in your demographic are spending their money unwisely, ie not one me, so I therefore have the perfect right to rob them at gun point maybe with a good solid beating thrown in.

  4. Iftikhar Ahmad says:
    August 10, 2012 at 11:06 am

    Example how morality can be stretched?
    In my lifetime, I have seen:
    – unmarried couple cohabitation accepted
    – homosexuality decriminalised
    – lowering of the age of consent
    Muslims, Sunni or Shia, contrive temporary marriages for sex. Open unmarried cohabitation while it is not to be desired is more honest. There was news article on Saudi men marrying Egyptian women for summer vacation & then divorcing them. Also they ignored any children from such unions.

    When numerous Muslims clerics say that you can marry 8 & 12 y/o girls, then God/Allah should literally be sending lightening bolts to people decrying age of consent laws in the West. All sex should be with in one’s age cohort until one reaches 18. Sex of unmarried people before the age of majority should be discouraged.

    Homosexuality is no less rampant in Muslims countries than in others countries. In the West they are just brazen. Trust me when there is polygamy there will be higher rates of homosexuality form the men denied. Go ahead kill them off. At some point the polygamists sons or grandsons will be in the same position & he will have top apply the law to them too. Watch the film “Lost Boys” about soulless polygamists in the U.S. Go ahead indoctrinate them into Islam. They will readily take to it, since it caters to their lust. They will still be soulless as those that convert them.

  5. mut’a exist. To talk about the problems of the West while ignoring the problems of Islamic culture is shameful. But i suspect Iftikhar Ahmad has no shame so long as he wins.

    I am reading a series of books about a Saudi princess who shares what life is like in the conservative Arab nation. They’re quite fascinating; I would recommend them highly. The author shares a story about her daughter’s friend. The girl’s dad made a practice of taking very young virgins for short periods of time, using and abusing them, and then sending them back to where they came from. In return, their fathers were given large gifts of money. It is an act called “mut’a” and is basically a “temporary marriage”

    One question Iftikhar Ahmad. For people that are disingenuous & always direct the masses to “external” enemies, what will you do if the are no longer external enemies. turn on yourself. Grats you deserve that.

    Egypt has 2 months of money left in their to pay for imports. What will MB & Morsi do? Go to war in 2 to 10 months from now. Yes you can kill, all the Copts & take their stuff. It will gain you another 6 months or so as you consume their pitiful belongings like a voracious thief, but then you have to attack some country like Israel or there will be massive demonstration in the streets that will make the previous ones look small.

  6. I expect that Deep Marwaha being Indian in ethnicity has a deep hatred for Muslims over past Muslims injustices visited on Hindus.

    Unless Khalid Shafiquesaved the text messages, I am suspicious if they were ever sent. I kind of suspect subpar performance by Khalid that would get him fired so he makes up a story about Deep knowing that all he has to do is utter it to put Deep in Hades.

    I don’t know. If you have a Muslim coworker save all texts to protect reputation & save your life.

  7. Roman Polansky had a special dispensation. He was part of Hollywood. It is part of the ruling leftist intelligentsia.

    It is said a person should not get into a fight against a newspaper because they by ink by the barrel. the modern day corollary is to not get into a fight against Hollywood. they a new media extension. People don’t read several books on a subject, look at original sources &bump information to look for corroboration or contradictions. Instead they watch movies.

    I am sure rich various rich English lords, Rich Arab sheikhs, & rich Hollywood moguls/directors do the help, social climbers & many other people against their will or willingly.

    Polanski got caught but he isn’t willing to do the time.

  8. iffy seems to be repeating itself, reading its post i had a sense of seeing this one before and iffy must be the expert in copy/paste.
    Stop the dribbling iffy its making a a mess of your bib, we dont see you condeming the actions of any muzzie that commits a crime instead you seem to be supporting them purely by your silence “religion of peace” my ass

  9. The fact that Dubai treated foreign workers like slaves(that they can fine and jail accoding to their islamic whims and fancies) is also another point why people shoild avoid going there . No matter how wrong and how wicked those islamic are or were, we nonbelievers are not allowed to voice it in front of those islamic people, because islamic people are viciously and brutally unreasonable and unfair and anti-freedom.

  10. I doubt if Iffy reads anything anyone posts. Talking to a muzzie is in most cases a complete waste of time. Shameless people with their peadophile prophet/ mass murderer. They even consider Alexander the Macedon to be a prophet. He was gay as is quite well known.
    Mohammad himself loved to cross dress in Aisha’s clothes and had sex with his dead wife; hence the recent fatwa in Egypt making that legal for up to six hours after the death of the wife. The whole religion is based on a bunch of sexual perverts so what can you expect from the brain dead followers.

    The only good thing about muzzie is that when they a poor the jihad does go off. Since mass poverty is certain for them once the oil runs out we shall see them quiet as mice in the near future. They will have let their Allah down. Even with all the oil wealth in ground they could not take over the world for their shin revealing god. Shameless and failed people.

  11. from Ihtikhar:

    “It is not considered paedophilia if the victim was 13 years old.”

    What a low standard of morality muzzies have. They spend so much time defending peadophilia because it is part of the sharia.

    In Saudi you can marry four girls each of the tender age of nine quite legally and the cleric will bless the marriage and praise the Shin revealing Allah (koran 68:42)

  12. When those Westerners stop investing in those shameless islamic hellholes, those islamic people would become less brutal and less arrogant.

  13. Anti Islam propoganda in the Western media for the past 20 years, which accellerated after the 911, is having the opposite effect. Some educated people in the West mainly out of curiosity want to learn what Islam is about. When they approach their research with an open mind, probably most of them form positive impressions about Islam and some of whom rightfully convert. In the USA after the events of 911, convertions to Islam pheonominally increased maily in amongst the educated white community and a large majority of them were females.

    After many years of a negative portrayal, bias Against Islam and Muslims is deeply rooted in Western minds and it will be very difficult to eliminate it, Spanish journalist Yusuf Fernandez says.

    He stated that the neo-fascism and far-right bigotry are increasing throughout Europe as much as fascism and Nazism did in the 1930s and this is one of the reasons why Islamophobia is now rapidly spreading in Europe and has become a major concern for the Muslim minorities in the European countries.

    The Islamophobia is a real problem in the Western societies, not only for Muslims but for the whole society because it is a hatred phenomenon, which is harmful for all people. Today, many politicians attack Islam and Muslims just to gain votes and in some countries girls are banned to wear headscarves at high schools or work places. Opening a mosque is also becoming more and more difficult in some countries.

    Generally speaking, the image of Muslims in Western media is very negative and poor. When Western journalists speak about any issue, they are supposed to know the issue they are writing about. But this rule is broken when they write about Islam. They can then make claims that have nothing to do with the reality of Islam and Muslims. Muslims are presented as fanatics, terrorists or backwards people. Muslim women are presented as ignorant or submissive. These so-called “experts” ignore that Islam gave many rights to the women much before the Western societies did.

    There are extremists in Europe who are staunchly opposed to multiculturalism in the continent and are not afraid of physically removing whoever they deem threatening their ideology for a consolidated Europe free of immigrants and Muslims. The most prominent example was Anders Breivik who massacred 77 people simply because they had voiced support for the people of Palestine in a demonstration.

  14. Iffy is such an intellectual loser.
    He is inbred after.
    Married to a cousin.
    That does cause retardation.
    He never addresses anything.
    He just says the same thing over and over again.
    A pig can grunt with more intelligence.

  15. There are just too many horrible reality in islamic predominant countries and in asia that went unpublished. The fact is moslems around the world have too many negative points and that is why there are many anti-islamic blogs. Intolerant islamic people are making it difficult for other peole to live a normal live. And that is another unpleasant happennings caused by attention seeking moslem people. Moslems people should stop being so extremely selfish and improve their own islamic hellholes instead of troubling the West with its endless intolerance, filth and backwardness.

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