Pictured: The dramatic moment murder suspect is arrested over fatal stabbing of woman in back of taxi after day-long hunt

Mail Online:

  • Suspect arrested in garden just 100 yards from scene of horror attack
  • Named by sources as 28-year-old Junior Saleem Oakes
  • 22-year-old victim named locally as Natasha Trevis
  • Her family say the pair had been in a relationship for five years
  • Cousin: ‘She wanted to have a perfect family with this guy’
  • 50 police, including armed officers, involved in manhunt

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 06:25 EST, 7 August 2012 | UPDATED: 09:33 EST, 8 August 2012

This is the dramatic moment a murder suspect was arrested in connection with the horrific stabbing of a woman in the back of a taxi.

The man, named locally as Junior Saleem Oakes, was arrested in the garden of a house just 100 yards away from the scene of the attack in Birmingham after a day-long hunt by armed officers.

The picture emerged as relatives paid tribute to the 22-year-old victim, named locally as Natasha Trevis, who suffered a cardiac arrest after being stabbed multiple times.

Apprehended: Officers lead Junior Saleem Oakes away from a house after arresting him on suspicion of murdering his partner after she was stabbed to death in the back of a taxiApprehended: Officers lead Junior Saleem Oakes away from a house after arresting him on suspicion of murdering his partner after she was stabbed to death in the back of a taxi

Day-long hunt: Oakes (pictured) was found in the garden of a house just 100 yards from the scene of the attack
Stabbing victim Natasha Trevis

Day-long hunt: Oakes (left) was arrested at a house just 100 yards from the scene of the attack, where the victim, named locally as Natasha Trevis (right), was stabbed repeatedly in the Northfield area of Birmingham

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13 Replies to “Pictured: The dramatic moment murder suspect is arrested over fatal stabbing of woman in back of taxi after day-long hunt”

  1. When will these non-muslims females learn that they put their lives at risk the moment they involve themselves with a muslim male? In this case I am blaming the victim for being naive or downright stupid. There are enough cases of muslim males murdering non-muslim females (girlfriends, baby mamas etc.) to give even the the least intelligent female a reason to think twice.

  2. Taxi deiver, Birmingham, I guessed that it would be a Muslim.

    As for the victim. When will Western women realise, that an affair with a Muslim can be seriously harmful to her health.

  3. Partial list of white women killed by black or asian boyfriend/husband:
    Heather Cooper, 33, October 2011, Haslemere, Surrey. WPC battered and stabbed by her partner, former Det. Con. Peter Foster, 35, from Sierra Leone.
    Melissa ‘Muhammadi’ (née Crook) 20, Chatham, Kent, 10 Sept 2011. Estranged from husband Danai, 23, Melissa fled to her parents’ home. She died in an arson attack along with their 15 month-old son. Her father Mark lingered a few days. Danai and another Muslim man were charged.
    Beata Slomiana, 33, Finchley, N.London, late August 2011. Polish woman murdered by her boyfriend Asaad Abdel-All, 31. She may have been working as a prostitute. He did a very good mad act.
    Louisa Brannan, 35, Sutton, Surrey, 14 March 2011. Met half-caste Reece Ludlow, 18, in a pub and foolishly went back to his home. After having sex, he phoned his ex-girlfriend and made her listen to Louisa’s screams as he battered her with a frying pan and stabbed her 25 times.
    Tracy Donnelly, 43, and her daughter Louise, 23. Sheffield, Yorks. March 2011. Tracy’s ‘toyboy’ ex-lover Rawkat Salih, 26, stabbed her 30 time and her daughter Louise 70 times. Joy Small, 24, Birstall, Leics. Feb. 2011. Killed by her Iraqi boyfriend, Aram Aziz, who had regularly beaten her and even dowsed her in petrol. He also killed their two children before killing himself.
    Laura Wilson, 17, Rotherham, Sth Yorks, October 2010. Groomed by Pakistani men for sex since the age of 12, when she became pregnant at 16 her two lovers, Asghar and Hussein, decided to get rid of her. She was referred to as “dirty white bitch”, “kafir bitch”, etc., before being stabbed to death.
    June ‘Jumaily’, 45, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, 23 Dec. 2009. Stabbed to death by her husband, 59-yr-old psychiatrist Amad.
    Katie Cullen, 35, October 2009, Lancs. Nursing sister. Her Iranian boyfriend Iman Ghaefelipour, 28, stole £3,000 from her bank account. She challenged him. He stabbed her 130 times and gouged her eye out.
    Joanna Michael, 25, Cardiff, South Wales, August 2009. Glamorous brunette stabbed 22 times by her black ex-boyfriend Cyron Williams, 19.
    Fiona Newton, 39, Broxtowe, Nottingham. 9 June 2009. Stabbed to death by her black husband Sandy Daniel, 44, from whom she had separated. He then stabbed himself to death. Amy Leigh Barnes, 19, Bolton, Lancs., November 2008. Glamorous blonde stabbed ten times by 21 year-old Ricardo Morrison, the black boyfriend she was trying to leave. The killer’s policewoman mother, Melda Wilks, 49, was charged with helping him destroy forensic evidence.
    Emily Brady, 17, Luton, Beds, 2 Nov. 2008. Left to die trapped in blazing car wrecked by boyfriend Waqas Arshad 24. He told emergency services there was no-one in the car. He had been drinking and was uninsured. He was again caught drink-driving while on bail over Emily’s death.
    Gemma Dorman, 23, Battersea, S London, 31 July 2008. Stabbed to death in the street by ex-boyfriend Vikramit Singh, 24.
    Penny Mazzocchi, 38, Nth London, 30 July 2008. Throat cut by black boyfriend Shaun Russell, 42
    Cara Maria Burke 17, Golami, Brazil, July 26, 2008. Foolish tearaway went to Brazil to see Muslim boyfriend Mohammed Dali Carvalho Dos Santos. He feared she would expose his drug-dealing, so he stabbed her in the heart, dismembered her and put the torso in a suitcase.
    Sylwia Sobczak, 26, body found near Dummer, Hants, . Polish girl living in Tottenham. London. She was killed, her body stuffed in a suitcase, then set alight. Ziaul Haque of Camden, London, was charged at Basingstoke, Hants. 19.05.08. He hanged himself while awaiting trial.
    Martine Vik Magnussen, 23, Central London, 14 March 2008. Glamorous Norwegian blonde student found strangled in the basement of flats where her boyfriend Farooq Abdulhak lived. He fled to sanctuary in Yemen just hours before the body was discovered.
    Kate Beagley, 32, June 2007; good-looking girl stabbed over 30 times by black Karl Taylor, 27, on their first date. He went equipped with carving knife; stole her car, mobile, CD, shopping vouchers, etc. Stripped body and dumped it Oxhey Woods, nr Watford; KT had girlfriend [?black] at time.
    Jeanette Diane ‘Hullah’ 21 Cheetham Hill, Manchester. ?14 Dec, 2006. Race-mixing landlady strangled by a lodger, Imtiaz Ahmed, 35, illegal immigrant from Pakistan.
    Serena Mahoney, 26, Cheshunt, Herts, March 2006. Good-looking blonde girl attacked by 24 year-old black Aaron Venna, total stranger. He stamped on her face with such force he left the imprint of his trainer. Finally, threw her in a canal.
    Samantha Anderson, 29, Newcastle. October 2006. Nursery nurse killed in frenzied knife attack when she went to visit her ex-boyfriend, 29 yr old Iraqi-Kurd ‘asylum-seeker’. Wendy Billing, 32, Hanwell, W.London.14 Sept 2006. Stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend, black drug-addict Sean Francis, 37.
    Kally Gilligan, 15, June 10, 2006, Salford, Greater Manchester. At school, her long blonde tresses attracted the attention of mixed-race Josh Thompson, 18. He became her first serious boyfriend, but the relationship was “tempestuous”. When she broke it off he shot her dead on the doorstep of the family home, then turned the gun on himself.
    Karen Hartshorne, 37, Dudley, W.Mids, 26. Feb 2006. black boyfriend Peter Martin, 37, admitted stabbing her to death.
    Gemma Louise Newman, 21, Coventry, 16 Nov. 2005. Stabbed to death in a car by black boyfriend Andrew Brown after she broke off their engagement. He then set the car ablaze, killing himself in the process.
    Lynne Savery, 19, Bury, Greater Manchester, Sept 2005. Strangled by Ashfaq Khan, 26, father of her baby. He broke into her parents’ home a few hours after the child’s first birthday party. Khan had a history of violence towards girlfriends.
    Mary Ann Lenaghan,16, May 2005, Reading, Berks. Misguided race-mixer, abducted, force-fed heroin and crack, raped, tortured, then repeatedly stabbed by ‘friends’ (5 black, 1 Asian Muslim) who blamed her for a clash they had had with another black gang. Another white girl was also subjected to the same ordeal but miraculously survived a bullet in the head. Trial Jan 06. Much press and tv coverage, none of it on-target.
    Inga Losiene, 32, May 2005, Southend, Essex. Lithuanian-born, very blonde, came to UK 1999. Last seen alive 27 May. Found in carboot several days later. Police believe her boyfriend, Iraqi-Kurd ‘asylum-seeker’ Farik Farukh, had at least one accomplice in the murder.
    Colette Lynch, 24, Rugby, Warwickshire, February 3, 2005. Stabbed to death on her doorstep by 39-year-old black Percy Wright, her former partner. He was released after just three and a half years!
    Linda Macdonald, 50, Oct 2004, Buckfastleigh, Devon, murdered after just two months of marriage by her husband, Hibiken, 51, a witch-doctor whom she met and married in Burkina Faso, West Africa, and then brought to England.
    Mandy Skedd, 30, Nottingham. ?? 2004. Stabbed 17 times and throat cut by former lover Mark Odeyemi, 47.
    Kelly Sinnott, 24, body found in a rolled-up carpet. Black boyfriend, Jermaine Flavius, 22, of Islington, North London, charged.
    Melanie Horridge, 25, Feb 27, 2004. Chorley, Lancs. Victim of frenzied stabbing by former boyfriend Tobago-born Bevan Richardo Williams, 27.
    Collette Magee, 44, November 2003, Luton, Beds. Victim of frenzied stabbing by her Grenada-born friend Matthew Thomas, who had only recently been released from jail for a series of rapes.
    Charlene Downes, 14, November 1, 2003. Blackpool, Lancs. Last seen alive in the kebab shop owned by Iyad Albattikhi, 30, who killed her; and Mohammed Reveshi, 50, who disposed of her body. Police recorded the two men discussing the disposal of the body in a mincing machine; even so, the trial collapsed!
    Rae Torbet, 19, Bexhill, Sussex, 27 Mar, 2003. Daughter of a Det Ch-Insp, frenzied stabbing by ex-lover Dellwyn James.
    Sandy Hadfield, 13, Lincoln, 2002 (nd). Half-caste Timothy Cuffy plied her with drink then slit her throat with a kukri. He had previously served sentences for burglaries and for attacking a woman he claimed had racially abused him.
    Sandra Poole, 35, 2nd Feb 2001, Leytonstone. Attractive blonde nursery nurse raped, stabbed and strangled by a black friend of her Asian boyfriend.
    Sinead Healy, 26, 18 Oct 2000, Hammersmith, West London. Murdered by black boyfriend. He had another girlfriend and wanted to simplify his love-life.
    Lucy Lowe, 16, Telford, Shropshire, 5 Aug 2000. Pregnant by 26 year-old Muslim. He set the house on fire and ran off. Her mother and sister also died.
    Valerie Brocklesby, 62, January 2000. West Bromwich. Stabbed to death her Muslim son-in-law Cherif Doua. Her foolish daughter was left for dead but survived.
    Jennifer Elverson, 27, November 1999. Derby. Doused in petrol and burnt alive by Muslim boyfriend.
    Christine Askey, 20, Preston, Lancs, 29 November 1999. Strangled by Muslim lover because she claimed he was father of her unborn twins.
    Johanne Powell, 18, 1999? Swansea. Tried to leave Muslim lover and was tortured for 24 hours until she died.
    Natalie ‘Rhee’, 25, 14th April 1997, Snowdonia, North Wales. Wealthy heiress killed by Korean husband for life insurance.
    Lucy Burchell, 16, ?Aug 1996, Walsall . Bright student lured into drugs and under-age prostitution by an Asian gang.
    Susan Martin, 44, Notting Hill, London, 1994. Strangled by black boyfriend when she tried to leave him.
    Tracey Carey, 20, Trowbridge, Wilts, . Throat cut by black boyfriend.
    Laura ‘Shatanawi’, 36, June 1993, Hartlepool, Cleveland. Killed by her Jordanian husband and father of her child, so he could set up home with his second English ‘wife’ and her child.
    Katie Rackliff, 18, Camberley, Surrey, June 1992. Stabbed 32 times while in a car with blacks.
    Donna Simpkins, 27, Bristol? 3rd May 1992. Killed by black boyfriend who had a black wife and children but had taken out life-insurance on his white girlfriend.
    Kathryn ‘Narayan’ ( née Tunbridge) 24, unknown date 1986. Thetford, Norfolk. White Muslim widow killed by father-in-law who wanted her house and money.

  4. UPDATE…..7 January 2013

    Life sentence for father who killed mother of his three children in back of a taxi after social worker ‘let slip’ that she had aborted his fourth child

    Junior Saleem Oakes

    Natasha Trevis, 22, stabbed 26 times in the head, face, neck, chest, back and legs.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2258529/Junior-Saleem-Oakes-Man-jailed-life-killing-mother-children-savage-prolonged-knife-attack.html#ixzz2HMc1vck0

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