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7 Replies to “Pat Condell: Media bias against Israel”

  1. Every time you pick up the Guardian… “you leave a film of filth on your soul.”

    Describing “people who throw the words “racists” and “islamphobe” around like monkeys with their own feces…”

    Bravo Pat. Love his way with words!

  2. I have followed him since he started on YouTube and he have become increasingly angrier over time. I understand him.

  3. OT but good news. A FB aquantance posted yesterday that a US court has found Iran guilty of knowing of and providing material assistance to the 9/11 attackers. They found that Iran, Al Quada and The Taliban owe the victims 6 billion big fat samolians. And apparently that’s just the beginning.

    How does he know? Because he’s one of the lawyers involved in the case.

  4. There certainly are some gems in Pat’s latest rant. I’m grateful he’s on our side because he can smack you dead with the truth.

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