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12 Replies to “SUN Video on Muslims not obeying the French burka ban”

  1. Passing a law and not enforcing it will almost always increase the violation which the law was intended to arrest.
    This is the absolutely best possible outcome for the pedophile worshipers.

  2. There he goes again. I have a problem with government interference in what you can and can’t wear. Oh boo-hoo. The guy’s an idiot.

  3. The argument that he is ‘uncomfortable with telling women what to wear’ has been flogged to death like the women who refuse to wear the freedom sack.

    That guy is an idiot.

    Yours truly!

  4. Hijab is more than just a religious obligation. People need to realise that, in its own right, it symbolises liberty. It gives women the freedom to show male strangers only the parts of the body that they wish them to see. Yes, the simplesalwar kameez and kurti do come under the category of ‘modest’ clothing. But if men want to objectify women, hijab just makes things harder for them. I would even go so far as to call it the ultimate feminist statement. A Muslim woman’s definition of empowerment is being judged by her personality alone, leaving her looks to be appreciated only by those who matter. To those who refer to theburkha as a “medieval garb,” I ask: Why is it that a nun wearing a similar robe is looked upon with respect, while a woman in a burkha is labelled as ‘backward’?

    The niqab (face-covering) raises questions about its being not just a threat to security, but also the cause for a woman’s identity to ‘fade away’. A woman who wears the veil is obligated to reveal her identity whenever security demands it — in airports, in banks and in court, and she is fully aware of that.

    As for the danger of her losing her identity, it must be understood that the face-veil is worn only when she steps out of her home. It is not worn in front of other women, as well as close male relatives. If only male strangers lose out on the chance of seeing a woman’s face, I fail to comprehend how that constitutes the loss of her identity.

    Crimes against Muslim women cannot be attributed to Islam as a religion. Islam was the first to give women the right to own property, to divorce and to remarry (rights that were won by women of other religions only after fighting for them). In order to prevent girl babies being associated with burden, Muslim women are the ones who can ask dowries of their husbands. Islam doesn’t oppress women. Men oppress women. The reasons behind the exploitation of women in all religions and communities are the same: women being kept in the dark about their rights, and patriarchal, skewed interpretations of the religious text.


  5. This interview would have more meaning if the interviewer had his facts straight. The fine and prison time mentioned are for those who force women to wear a face covering garment. The fine for a women covering her face is 150 euros. I am surprised that this lawyer would agree to an interview on matter she was not familiar with.

  6. This is a subject that requires no debate. Face covering must not be allowed in a free society. They don’t like it – go live somewhere else. Bravo on France for passing this law and hopefully, the new goverment will enforce it to the fullest.

  7. Ahmed old Mate, nuns really do wear their silly outfits by their own choice. Nobody makes them do it and they will not be arrested or stoned to death for turning up in a bikini instead. A woman pulling the same change of wardrobe in say Iran or other similarly degenerate location faces dire consequences…

    Australia was the first nation to give women the vote, in effect to truly recognise equality of the sexes. How long did it take Mustard countries to follow?

  8. Not to mention that nuns never covered their faces even when they did wear a habit and frankly the comparison was absurd from the start. Nuns made their religion their life at the cost of all else. Islamic rules are forced on all women at the cost of all else. Its like comparing a union worker to a slave.

  9. What type of fashion that islamic women wish to voluntarily wear or show off or pander to their islamic religious requirement in their own backward world is their own problem, as long as they don’t impose on us nonbelievers or pressure on us nonbelievers who don’t see any point at all in covering the face or head in private or public, for any religion in a free society. Covering the head or face in public places to indicate the superficial superiority of a totalitarian religion is certainly out of place in a free and equal society.

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