A Muslim protests the olympics because they are all “fire worshipers”

Vlad Tepes Blog corespondent EDL Buck went out to the Olympic opening ceremonies today with his camera based on the information that Anjem Choudary’s gang had been given permission to protest the olympics because the UK discriminates against Muslims so much apparently.

Of course, as is the case two times out of three, most of them didn’t show. But a couple did.

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15 Replies to “A Muslim protests the olympics because they are all “fire worshipers””

  1. That idiot looks like a loser convert and the ONLY way he’s going to get any virgins is if he dies in jihad for allah because he is one ugly, unappealing MF.

  2. Just wanting ghostly virgins defines one as a loser. Imagine actually changing anything, even the channel, because you think it will help get you supernatural virgins in some afterlife sky-brothel. I mean how fucked in the head do you have to be?

    Even Pascal wouldn’t fall for that wager and he was pretty gullible.

  3. Fire worshipers? Ha!
    Muslims are idolaters who worship kiddy-fiddling losers, like the Prophet Mo. They also worship a black stone (that’s in pieces), jihad, murder, rape, cowardice, telling lies, bigamy, stealing, a false fat fucked-up useless god called Allah, camels’ piss, little boy buggery, little girl thighing, sodomy, stupidity, blind obedience, and untrimmed beards.
    Sorry, if I’m choosy, but give me fire-worshiping any day!
    As for that gormless prick in the interview (a convert, the worst kind of Muslim), why is he out on the streets on his own? Did someone forget to lock the hospital doors? What a complete prick!

  4. “Only a couple showed” and they carry on about the poor numbers that show up for the EDL demos hahahhahaha they couldnt demo in any numbers 1 or 10K no idea at all

  5. What a Dick-head!! it looks like he’s been trying to grow that Beard since Primary School,and thats the only place HE’S likely to see any Virgin,don’t know about you Guy’s but,when when you hear these “converts”open their mouths it’s embarrassing to me…..my Stomach actually churns with embarrassement.

  6. This numnuts sure looks like the product of in-breading to me. I have to blame the reporter for putting a microphone in his face and asking questions to this idiot.

  7. Well I am the reporter, and I was VERY drunk when I filmed this, still makes me laugh watching the full footage, I knew i was was taking the piss, I just wanted to set up this mouth breathing, knuckle dragging fuckwit, rats arseded as I was AND still get him to admit he is a £When do I go next?” Suicide BOMBER?

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