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3 Replies to “Newt Gingrich asks about Islamic infiltration of the executive branch in the US”

  1. Very good, Newt is a brilliant man who works hard to protect liberty.

    The point about people refusing to believe that religion is behind the attacks and that the Moslems aren’t going to negotiate honestly over anything.

  2. I am surprised to hear that Blair has actually said that (radical) Islam is the greatest threat to our civilization. Surprised.

    Still this leaves Stephen Harper as the ONLY prime minister in the world to call this correctly. But this message obviously needs to be repeated and repeated in no uncertain terms until the elites get it.

    Logic affects only perhaps 20% of human behavior. Only when crisis happens, when the bombs start exploding, do we close ranks and get it together. So we have a long road to travel before we begin to deal with reality, and I hope it doesn’t take a real crisis to mobilize people into responding rationally.

  3. It will Dallas, only a major crisis will unit the West, if people would look at the evidence they would realize the crisis has already started but they refuse to wake from their comfortable delusions.

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