Olympic ‘terror visas’ racket

This is the story of how a little British tabloid actually had the audacity to actually do journalism, while the rest of the official English media does propaganda for political correctness.

The story is staggering, but equally so, its good to know there is someone in England actually protecting British interests. For you people living in the UK, go out and buy a copy of the SUN. They deserve it.

H/T Barron Bodissey

The Sun.Co.UK


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3 Replies to “Olympic ‘terror visas’ racket”

  1. As God as my witness…..we will be lucky to come through these games without an incident causing catastrophic loss of life……..and should that happen I wonder…..when will we commence the removal of every vestige of islam from all Western countries??

    We badly need the return of the death penalty and a program of M.A.I.D…….Muslim Arrest Internment Deportation….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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