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18 Replies to “Interesting short talk by the person who acts as Ambassador to Canada from Iran in Toronto in June 2011”

  1. I stopped listening after 2 minutes of this nonsense.
    Send him back home and close the Embassy.
    Iranian came here to escape the regime, they won’t miss it.

  2. Actually I think it is worth listening to it all. It is unusually honest. Which means the whole truth must be orders of magnitude worse if they are willing to admit as much as he does here.

    I think its quite sobering.

  3. He’s not particularly bold, he’s just honest and very, very insightful.

    He sees, and is addressing, the void within most Canadians, the void that is shared by all of Western Europe and much of the U.S. It is the void that remains as everything that built and held Western Civilization together, and gave it reason to exist, is increasingly questioned, doubted and jettisoned. Western Europe is the clearest example of how a once invincible people can be fatally weakened by being convinced nothing’s worth fighting for. Canada and the U.S. are not far behind. That’s the void. Islam sees it for what it is: an opportunity to win without war.

    Most people over 40 in the West have grown to incrementally accept that void within themselves (some of us continue to fight but we’re now in the minority). People under 40 grew up with the void and know nothing else.

    This ambassador knows that eventually people in the West will demand to fill that void with something more than material wealth (which is fading) and watered down, gutted Christendom and empty Eastern and New Age religion (same thing, really). He’s preparing them to receive something with apparent substance that will fill ever aspect of the void: Islam.

    That’s the thing many of us don’t fully grasp, or dread thinking about: Islam has in the past spread by violence but it need not do so today; all they need do is wait and these empty Westerners will come to them and ASK to be filled, ask to be led. That is what this ambassador is addressing.

  4. Gorgo Gorgo Gorgo. You have it so wrong. The void you are talking about is festering underneat our currently ‘tolerance’ as civilized people. The Western World is trying to give a view of how life can be to the 7th century baffoons cultures. TheWestern World is being very tolerant in this effort. But make no mistake. The Western World has not and will never give up in the face of adversity. The Western World will defend to the death the freedom we have gained throughout the last few centuries. The Western World will tolerate only so much before they will decide that enough is enough. Gorgo, please don’t mistake our tolerance as giving up. You will be sorely mistaken.

  5. Good for you if you needed to listen to it all the way and learned something from it.
    This is a good proof or their intentions. War is at the corner street. Get ready!!!

  6. “Gorgo, please don’t mistake our tolerance as giving up. You will be sorely mistaken.”

    I’d love to agree with you but where’s your evidence?

    When I see even ONE western European gov’t, forced by its indigenous people, FORCED to severely curtail Muslim immigration, crack down on creeping sharia and start deporting violators en masse (which any sane society has to do to survive), I will believe you are right and I am wrong. So far, none are. The E.U. controls them all and a complete break from the E.U. would be only the first, necessary step for any nation to do so.

    So, thus far, the evidence is on my side.

    I don’t know where you are, but I am writing from the U.S. where people still own and can buy guns. We are the only probable exception to what I’ve been saying but that’s the ONLY reason we are. Our gov’t will still try to duplicate everything Euro gov’ts have done. The peoples of Europe and (I believe) Canada have been largely disarmed, so I do not foresee any popular uprising coming from them over imposed Islam. They CANNOT fight back.

    Rather, many of them – empty-souled, as I’ve said – will convert willingly before this is all over. Islam won’t have to fire a shot in some of these countries. Some will resist and never submit. They will be imprisoned or killed.

    Europe as we’ve known it is gone. The transformation is taking place before our eyes. Canada will take longer, but it looks like it will happen. Possibly Australia, too. The U.S. is the only remaining Western country where the people still have the knowledge, the heart, and the means to resist.

  7. gorgo I think you are wrong, we are seeing the resistance in Europe growing, we have to help them fight not give up on them. We can’t win by saying all is lost in Europe and Canada, we have to fight.

  8. The Western European citizenry, for all practical purposes, has been disarmed by their own govt’s. The very people who might yet stand and fight, can’t.

    Given that, what exactly do you suggest that would help?

  9. Yes and no, there are more illegal firearms in Europe then you think, and don’t forget the liberator pistol of WWII, it was a cheap piece of stamped steel that I wouldn’t fire on a bet. Several million were shoveled out of bombers over Europe, each one was attached to a comic showing how to load the piece (I am being generous calling it that) and sneak up on a German Soldier and get a fine made in Germany weapon. Those mass produced pieces of junk were just large caliber zip guns, something anyone with a functioning brain can figure out how to make.

  10. I’d love to agree with you Richard, I really would, but

    (a) The U.S. would not involve itself in a European revolution and, if it did, odds are it’d be against the revolutionaries.

    (b) How many zip guns and potato guns and roadside bombs would it take for the freedom fighters to retake Europe from the elites who will have armed themselves with Islamic and Chinese soldiers under the banner of the E.U. and the U.N.? Not long at all, sorry. It’s not 1940 anymore.

  11. Depending on the President I will agree with you on a.

    On b, not as many as you think, one becomes 2 by shooting another person whose gun your friend wants, 2 becomes 4 etc. Yes it will be bloody but it isn’t hopeless, zip guns can be deadly weapons if you are motivated enough. I am not saying the Europeans will win, but they will fight and have a chance of winning, history is full of fights that were lost until the fighting started and then they were won.

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