Interesting story out of Holland

Translation by Michael Laudahn

Woerden The Netherlands:

Woerden: The neighbours of Sharia4Holland leader ‘Abu Qasim’, suspected of death threats against Geert Wilders, called police in the night between saturday and sunday, when fifteen people wearing djellaba gathered in his Woerden house.
It is said there was a meeting between partisans of Sharia4Holland and Sharia4Belgium. TV Woerden reports that nine cars with belgian licence plates were parked in the street. Police kept an eye on it, but didn’t have to intervene.
Qasim, whose real name is Jassem Abdellaoui, was in jail last week in Amsterdam, because of death threats against Geert Wilders. The suspect actively seeks attention in the dutch and foreign media, and he puts own video clips on the internet.

This 29-year old man, grown up in Woerden, was during years a normal, non-radicalised boy who played passionately soccer with the local SC Woerden soccer club. Recently, this moslem who radicalised within a short time was portrayed by the russian station RT, in the framework of an extended tv documentary on moslem integration in Holland.

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