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One Reply to “Brussels Conference for civil liberties. Nidra Poller on Islamic antisemitism”

  1. Quoting Nidra Poller @ 2:57

    “Our overall situation is profound dismay because we are living the most pernicious, dreadful, apocalyptic, war in modern history. It looks like normal life spotted or blotted with incidents. This is the dilemma that we face.
    No matter what it is, no matter how your acting politically, writing. . .whatever you do, I think it’s important that you remember this. It is a dreadful war that doesn’t look like a war especially to the masses of citizens that identify our countries. So, what is happening to us since 2000, is that no matter what approach we choose, it always comes up deficient and people do tend to become discouraged. Because we don’t understand well enough, we can’t yet conceptualize or articulate with sufficient scope, detail and contours. So what is happening is we are using peace-time methods to deal with something that is a war. None of us has experienced this kind of situation before.”

    It’s like Nidra Poller was reading my mind.

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