The Occupy Luxury Toyota Movement in Oslo

From Gates of Vienna:

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends this report (including two videos) about the gypsy invasion of Oslo and the problems that it is causing for the city.

His summary:

The Gypsies are supporting their Norwegian stay through aggressive begging, burglaries and theft. Up until recently these gypsies, who number several hundred individuals in total, set up camps in various parks around Oslo and left a trail of human excrement and rubbish behind them. After having been evicted by the police from these makeshift camps, they have now set up a major camp outside a church in Oslo.

It’s a proper tin-shack, or perhaps a tarpaulin city is a more fitting word to describe the esthetic new addition to the church.

This is cultural enrichment gone horribly wrong.

Click for the videos:

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  1. They’re being driven out of Hungary by the Magyar Gárda who have been reborn under the Jobbik party. I’m sad to see Oslo suffering. Gypsies cause so much trouble in Europe that they just get told to leave their host country. We saw Sarkozy do it. I wish they’d do it to the Muslims!

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