Michael Coren at last, holds Imam Rauf to a real interview

This was fantastic. I have the video of Rauf on Hannity not to long ago, and while Hannity was not awful, he did fall for the classic Islamic dodges and general deceptions such as allowing Rauf to say: “I regret saying that” and taking it to mean he no longer meant it. Coren does not fall for that although I do think it would have been worth asking Rauf for his definition of what a civilian is. I bet, like most critical words in any language, Muslims and Rauf have a proprietary meaning for it that allows them to do whatever they want.

In any case, this is glorious. Mr. Coren clearly knows his subject much better than anyone else Rauf is used to being questioned by. Robert Spencer does a highly enjoyable analysis afterwards as well. It is worth noting that in Rauf’s own books and on may websites where he is quoted, Imam Rauf lets slip his veneer of miscibility with Western civilization and lets it be known that he sees himself as a front man for ‘civilizational jihad’.

More on that soon enough.

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  1. At the end he modified “civilian” to “innocent civilians” ad we all know that muslims mean only muslims when they use the word innocent. The man is a taqiyya master and has been caught at it before. One only has to look at his eyes to realize he can’t be trusted.

  2. Great interview. I am glad I can understand these people without transcript and I hope there will be a french translation for the public in France. Rauf embodies the ultimate hypocrisy of islam. Sickening.

  3. I quote the Bible with reference to Rauf >>>
    “Tho’ I speak with the tongues of Angels and have not Charity I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling symbol.”

  4. I would like to learn ways to trick taqiyya debaters. Maybe a phycologist or policeman can help.
    Mr Coren did a good job bacause that snake was’nt prepared.

    Over the last few days I have noticed that muslims are using comment postings to preach especially on marxist sites. I do not get into debates with them because I do not want to fall under their spell.
    I quess we should take a step back now and again and enjoy our western civilisation to remember who we are and why we do what we do…..

  5. Still. It was being glossed over. The problem is not islamic extremism, the problem is islam, period. In addition to that, the problem might also lie within the DNA of the people who worship it, due to 14 centuries of inbreeding.

  6. James Boom:

    The first and foremost thing you need to do, is force them to define the terms they use whenever they qualify anything. Even Mr. Coren din’t do this when Rauf used the terms, ‘Innocent’ and, ‘civilian’, because of course we should know that innocent means Muslim and no Israeli is a civilian to Muslims as Coren should know as he managed to get one Canadian Muslim leader to admit to that on his former show. Rauf said no innocent civilian. Muslims redefine terms as the first and most common form of taqyyia.

  7. No we don’t have to take responsibility for their hatred, as far as the “innocent” victim killed by drone strikes, the terrorists were hiding among the civilians. If we take the view that we are responsible for collateral damage and can’t fight those among “innocent” people we can’t defend ourselves. The terrorists hiding among the non active hostiles are to blame. Even the Geneva Convention takes takes this view.

    Islam is a bad religion, and the extremist Moslems are the ones that try to change Islam.

  8. @ Richard

    That the possibility that you can make an omelet without breaking some eggs has been introduced into the thinking and is taking root, is preposterous. You can’t. Period. Such is life. Deal with it.

  9. Personally I blame nuclear weapons, if the nukes hadn’t been invented we would have fought a land war with the USSR during the 1960s and the evil of the far left would have been exposed. Instead we fought and won an economic war but most of the evils of the left never made the MSM and are unknown to most people.

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