A few dozen burlap bags protest valentines day cards. Really.

This was uploaded July 9 2012 but it was filmed February 14 2012.

I posted it because its such a ludicrously dishonest protest that it borders on funny. First of all, the cards and signs are written in English, not any of the languages common to Pakistan. Secondly, Valentines day is a Western artifact. If they don’t like it they just have to continue to not do it. So the protest has nothing whatsoever to do with this or that holiday or the associated greeting cards. It is a silly attempt to heap scorn and contempt on the west in general.

It might also be worth pointing out that the only women allowed to voice an opinion in Muslim societies, are the ones who are more extreme about Islam and its values than the average man. Then of course they can be paraded out front to try and shame the west in some way or any potential suffragettes that might exist at home. So that is why we see them now and again. If a woman wishes to be politically active and public (as much as a cloth sack can be) she has to represent one opinion and one only. She has to be demanding her own repression.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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  1. Since the protest was staged for US TV I wonder if the protesters were paid like the left is doing to get people to the occupy protests.

  2. “It might also be worth pointing out that the only women allowed to voice an opinion in Muslim societies, are the ones who are more extreme about Islam and its values than the average man.”

    Using feminism against feminism. We will have to take out the Muslim man.

  3. This is in Pakistan. Pakistan could become very useful for the West, if we play our cards right.
    Not just Shi’ites, but also Pakistanis are cruelly oppressed in Saudi-Arabia. They are not allowed to marry Saudi women, so they are treated as non-Muslims. Of course, takfir backfires, so the Pakistanis are allowed to kill the Saudis and take their women. Pakistan has the nukes to protect its people in Saudi-Arabia.

  4. It is certainly true that the Saudi people treat Pakistanis and other asian workers with cruelty, but I doubt if it gets much reportage in Pakistan. I know in Indonesia there was a time when the government was so outraged at the treatment of Indonesian maids who were often raped and murdered that it ordered a ban on such employment. I do not know the current situation but I doubt if in Pakistan any if Saudi was to routinely kill and rape the Pakistani maids it would warrant any attention from the media or government. The government and the media keep the people blind with hatred towards India, Jews, and Americans and the West generally so they can keep the Saudis doing what they do best murdering, raping and maiming the people of pakistan and other poor asian countries. Also it is worth remembering that pakistanis in Saudi constitute a higher percentage and an absolute higher number than a comparison with the UK and yet it is the quietest population in the world. In all other countries it is the Jihad from pakistanis and in Pakistan it Jihad with nukes but in Saudi the master races silences them completely. How wonderful if the UK pakistanis would go and join such a quiet people. They would live in peace and servitude and serve the Saudis and Allah all in one neat package.

  5. So the Pakistani government and media betrays its people to the Saudis? How British of them. And word of mouth doesn’t apply? This is all far worse than “racism” in the West.
    Do the Saudis know Urdu? If not, it shouldn’t be that hard to mount resistance. The Saudis can maim and torture, but so can the Pakistanis. Or are the Saudis really a race of gods?

  6. Word of mouth is a very poor way of spreading the news, everyone starts changing what they heard and you end up with most people not hearing the original story.

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