give the guy a break, he was only teaching them by example

Imam Abdul Matin accused of sexually assaulting children

An Imam sexually assaulted two children while he was employed to teach them about the Quran, Northampton Crown Court has heard.

Abdul Matin, 41, is accused of sexually touching the youngsters, kissing them, and sitting one of them on his lap during lessons.

Both children also said he hit them with a hairbrush as punishment.

Mr Matin, from Albert Road in Wellingborough, said the children had invented the claims.

Police were first alerted to the case after one of the youngsters told a school teacher about the classes.

‘Touched and kissed’

The parents of both children were approached by police and both made claims against Mr Matin.

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“I was upset that I teach children who could say something like that”

Abdul Matin Defendant

He is accused of seven counts of sexual assault over 12 months from January 2007.

Speaking in Bengali, he told the court that the children had threatened to make false allegations against him in the past to stop him from telling their father that they were not focussing in the class.

He said: “They said we know how to read it (the Quran), that we don’t want to read it now. I was very angry, I was going to tell their father.

“Then one said if you tell my father then I will say that you did this and that, that you touched us, we will go to the police, to the school.

‘Too embarrassed’

“Then they said sorry, and I thought that was the end of it.”

When asked how he felt about the claims he said: “I was upset that I teach children who could say something like that.”

The children’s parents said they were shocked by the allegations.

While giving evidence at the court, the mother of one of the victims said that her child had felt too embarrassed to talk to her about what happened.

She said: “I feel ill. I feel guilty.

“It is not in our religion, we don’t discuss this openly.”

The case is due to resume on Tuesday.

5 Replies to “give the guy a break, he was only teaching them by example”

  1. Do you know how much it tires to me to open websites like yours and read a fresh article about Muslim crimes and discover that yet another one has occurred in my home nation of Britain?
    I am grateful for you finding these, but I am constantly banging my head against a wall, trying to wonder why this crap is allowed to continue without our government, police or MSM realizing the causes and pointing out that Islam and Islam alone is responsible for this shit!
    This is frustrating and wearisome and only adds fuel to my desire to purge my nation (and the World) of this disease!

  2. sorry Bob mate, I’m English and this is the stuff that catches my eye, and hopefully spreading the word will speed up the demise of this curse on humanity. I might joke about it, but these are good British kids he tried perverting for their next generation of treacherous vermin we are forced to host. And yes, they are good kids, they reported him and are seeing it through.

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