A husband and his family have been found guilty of murdering a pregnant young wife – Birmingham

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West Midlands Police:




A HUSBAND and his family have been found guilty of murdering a pregnant young wife at her Birmingham home, in the belief that she had been possessed by Jinn spirits.

Naila Mumtaz died in hospital on 8 July 2009, after being found collapsed at her home in Craythorne Avenue. Paramedics were called to the address by family members, however the 21-year-old could not be saved and she was pronounced dead a short time later.

Naila, who was six-months pregnant at the time of her death, died as a result of smothering, according to a post mortem examination, and the trial heard that members of her husband’s family had deliberately caused her death.

The court heard how Naila’s husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and her sister-in-law’s husband believed that the young woman, who had arrived in Birmingham some two years earlier from Pakistan, had been possessed by Jinn spirits.

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9 Replies to “A husband and his family have been found guilty of murdering a pregnant young wife – Birmingham”

  1. Evil jinn. Imagine that. And we are told, no, expected to embrace and coddle these savages along with the rotten cultural baggage they bring to the West and unjustly burden us with.

    The only evil jinn here is islam, and islam alone.

  2. The important thing is they vote Labour. Performing their own version of “social justice” is just a bonus.

  3. Islam being the child of the motherless; Socialism the child of the fatherless.

    Woman-haters meets meets man-haters and their dhimmi-counterparts in tow.

    Fascination, incredulity and protectionism seems far from abating in their progenital thrusts into one another’s subconscience to keep alive as one bombs here, the other bombs there. Revolving in a dance of lust.

    Only those in the centre can see they are both dipweeds and should not be allowed out of padded cells, and so all the more they should side with one another.

  4. Where is the center please?

    I may or may not agree with you, but most people I speak to, who speak of a center being the truth, are loath to get rid of their notion that 2+2=4 even though their self proclaimed enemy insists that 2+2=10.

    The truth is not that 2+2=7. There is no center there. Only truth and fiction. Sometimes that is the case. Sometimes the middle is also bullshit.

  5. Hi Eyore,

    “Where is the center please?”

    The ‘centre’ is the child.

    No prejudice, just two brain-hemispheres firing as they should.

    This child looks up and sees daddy acting all macho, smacking his mother as his possession, for dressing like a tart so he says; and then he hear’s momma bring home some majuanna and drink and whisper ‘don’t tell daddy, it’s our little secret’. One buying Truth and other buying Love because they do not have it and looked for it in all the wrong places. There is no manuscript to life, despite the increasing written laws that deem it needs to have one big complete one.

    So the centre has something to do about being able to observe man-woman relationships. This is all what Islam and Socialism are all about: the inferior man and inferior woman’s ego respectively, and their million-strong societies of intimidated-looking-for-a-quiet-life appeasers. Slave nations. They both work for the removal of freedom of speech. Creeping Sharia and creeping Socialism heading to an ultimate uptopia where only one gender is at peace, uncriticizable, and the other a despised and vaguely useful sex toy.

    Their offsprings therefore have no natural sexual identity and so imprint themsleves with their first violation of rape or affection. For the daughter, if her parents had been kind to one another, would have taken the mother’s mantle and the son the father’s. So now we have unatural relations celebrated or hidden.

    The ‘centre’ therefore has absolutely nothing to do with counting sums in you head. That is called ‘intellectual reasoning’ and employed by the half-brained who can only rely on books, memory and gaining exam-titles to get ahead in life. Intellectuals, if they had any brains to realize it, should claim disability allowance for they never get thing right and live in perpetual Atychiphobia, so even when everything falls around their ears, they simply deny it.

    Rather than a clash of cultures, Islam and Socialism are a clash of half-consciousnesses.

    If all the above did not make any sense you, you may enjoy knowing the Pythagoreans worshipped numbers http://achildcansee.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/tending-to-absense-has-it/#comment-571

  6. Both Socialists and Muslims are disfunctional. We should subject them to devshirme. As regards honor killing, we should use it AGAINST Muslims. If a Muslim male looks at a non-Muslim female, let alone fucks her, we should skewer him. Of course, non-Muslim males should have access to Muslim females. That is self-evident.

  7. @ Eeyore,

    I agree with your observations!

    @ Columnist

    As this discussion is about the acutely mentally unwell, you are not cruel to them by doing to them as their Golden Rule dictates, (“do unto everyone else as you would have done to you”) , but leave them free to worship their God, with all their mind, all their heart, and alltheir soul, and enforce them to treat those who disagree with them as themselves. One equality before the law; no exception and no preferences. No lowly kuffar and no superior religion, no demoralized citizen and no paracitical political class and their favored lobby groups.

    That is worth fighting for.

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