North African states at risk of being overrun by al-Qaeda


 Al-Qaeda is poised to overrun five states in North Africa and the Middle East, creating terrorist safe havens from which the network can launch attack on the West, Europe and the US have been warned.

North African states at risk of being overrun by al-Qaeda

Large swathes of Somalia are already under the control of al-Shabaab, a Somali al-Qaeda affiliate Photo: REUTERS

By Praveen Swami, Diplomatic Editor

9:00PM BST 21 Oct 2010

Mauritania, Mali and Niger have seen a steady escalation of al-Qaeda activity targeting Western aid workers and experts. Somalia, to their east, has disintegrated in the face of Islamist assault. In Yemen, across the Red Sea from Somalia, security forces have been waging a losing battle against resurgent jihadist armies that have claimed the lives of dozens of troops.

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10 Replies to “North African states at risk of being overrun by al-Qaeda”

  1. But but the Arab Spring was going to herald an age of liberal democracy, or so the the entire MSM with the BBC at its head, was blaring out on the air waves.

    Well the bloggers such Vlad had it right. We told you so, you Leftist neo-coms.

  2. We are back to the caliphate, it is time to break out the guns, it very late Brothers and Sisters ! Remember the Gates of Vienna and all the other times these primitives over ran Europe?

  3. If a Islamist block where to ever attack Europe it might be the start of a neocolonialist era for the west. With attack i may very well mean a string of violent terror and rape attacks – but it will be a war non the less.

    The EU or whatever combination of western nations there will exist in the next 10 years have only two possibilities:

    1. Build a defensive wall and keep them out, but this will not work since they are already inside and it would mean erecting a police state, deporting millions of Muslims and set up a defensive line across the Mediterranean.

    2. Invade a large portion of North-Africa and the Middle-East, kill and imprison millions, destroy Islam and replace it with a form of colonial-socialism.

    Who knows what direction Europe will take – but when the mass-terrorism begins nobody can ignore the issue anymore, not even the left and they will have to create a solution or be pushed out of the political system.

  4. Bobbejane says:
    “If a Islamist block where to ever attack Europe..”

    Already did Kosovo and we helped them.

  5. The Balkan wars where essentially a regional conflict between a small number of ethnic groups, that had little influence on how West-Europeans did there day to day business.

    Intervention of the UN did not make the conflict larger because it only involved the troops of European and American forces.

    The conflict i am talking about will be continental to global, it will involve the whole of Europe, will cause massive casualties through terrorism which will include bombing of buildings and civilians, public executions, rape attacks – first on tourists and then on local woman – and finally small raids on the coast of European countries.

    We will see Italian woman being carried off, raped and kept as sex-slaves by Egyptians, Libyans, Moroccans or other violent Islamic extremists.

    After dozens of violent and public incident of Jihad – the traditional parties will either give in to demands or disappear when Europeans across the continent demand justice.

    The only way they can stop public unrest will be to:

    1. Ban Islam, destroy what is left of Islamic heritage in Europe, deport millions of Muslims and put a barrier around Europe in order to keep the extremists out.

    2. Invade the countries that harbor extremists, destroy every vestige of Islam from those countries, erect camps and holding facilities, introduce European languages and writing into the country and re-educate the young.

  6. Bobbejane

    I disagree

    The way Islam will take territory is by piecemeal a little at a time just as they did with Kosovo. Kosovo was christian based Territory until mass illegal immigration from Albania came.

    You are right Kosovo didn’t have much an commerce with Europe as will any territory they will take. They have nothing to trade other then what we take out of their ground and our blood.

  7. The western nations have a perfect way of dealing with this sort of problem, we invite the offenders to come and live amongst us as “asylum seekers”.

  8. OxAO

    Let me tell you how we can undo there little tactic:

    In order to counter Islam we need both a force that is anti-Islamic and continuously expands both democratically and colonially so as to eventually end up covering the Balkans, North-Africa and the Middle-East.

    Well we already have a force that is beginning too have qualities i am describing here – it’s the EU.

    The only problem is that the EU only expands democratically and wants to force to many rules on all European nations.

    So we need to create a European Confederation that unites nearly all the countries in Europe, gives enough freedom to the countries it encompasses to prevent public uprisings, is anti-Islamic and reacts to threats from hostile countries be they military or sociological by conquest.

    So: When public unrest erupts in for example Egypt and it might spill over into European territory then the EC sends an army and annexes the country, turns it into a colony and creates a social-colonial regime run by members of different EC countries.

    It does this again and again until most major Islamic player have been annexed – it can then start, reacting – and i have to make this very clear, because the EC will only react to Muslim aggression – until the religion has been dismantled and a quasi-European culture has emerged. Then they can become full members of the confederation.

  9. The return of colonization? is that what your are suggesting?

    Very few people understand why we had colonization the first time they actually believe it was a land grab and nothing more. They know nothing about slowing down the slave trade and a general improvement of their lives. Because most of the people do not understand history this time around it would go over like a lead brick

  10. OxAO

    Let’s take Egypt as an example of a future EC colony – Egypt has 90 million people, lets say 10% of the male population goes into camps because there to dangerous; so that would make around 85 million people.

    We put a European soldier in place of every thousand citizens – that would make about 90.000 employes, now about 1 in 20 Dutch citizens are working for the government and that would mean that we would actually need 4.5 million to steer the civilian population, but very few of these bureaucrats have to live in Egypt – let’s say one bureaucrat for every 10.000 Egyptians, that would make 9.000 local bureaucrats.

    So a country of 90 million can be ruled by 100 thousand local soldiers and bureaucrats and the soldiers will be supported by drones and the bureaucrats by a network of offices across Europe.

    This would offer two kinds of jobs to European citizens – technical jobs building and repairing the drones and office work, this would mean most of the personal needed to rule a country of 90 million would never have to leave Europe.

    That’s ruling the country – how many soldiers do we need to take the country?

    That depends on technology – the old-fashioned way would require an army of millions, but it would be possible to bring back that number considerably by equipping soldiers with body armor, using very advanced drones and scouting vehicles, sleep gases and advanced GPS tracking.

    Well how would we be making money and creating jobs by invading the Egypt?

    That is simple: We turn the entire country in a gigantic producer of agricultural and small-scale industrial goods and then sell them to the Chinese or the Brazilians or back to Europe. We would have access to cheap goods and the profit we make would go to pay all our personal, and what’s left would go into the reeducation program.

    Next to make profit we would also have to dismantle the dangerous Islamic culture – we would do that by teaching the young people European languages, changing the writing system to a western form and reeducating them daily in schools.

    After two or three generations we no longer have to treat Egypt as a colony because all the young people will have abandoned Islam and embraced Humanism, then Egypt can join the newly forming earth government alongside other former colonies.

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