“Get out of my taxi and look for a camel to carry you”

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Translation: Hermes

A taxi in Madrid told the following to a muslim woman who told him to switch off the western music “Get out of my taxi and look for a camel to carry you”

Creativity against intolerance. And if they don’t like us, let them go away, because we did not tell them to come. This is what Diego, a taxi from Madrid must have thought. He has been denounced for a certain thing which happened last weekend, and which we now tell to the readers of DA.

A woman wearing muslim garments took in Toledo street / Madrid a taxi which was being driven by Diego. Once inside the taxi, the muslim woman told the cabbie to switch off the radio, telling him that due to the rules followed by her, she was not allowed to listed to western music.

“In times of the prophet there was no such music, and neither did radio exist” ,the muslim woman complained, “Western music is that of the infidels, and I am not allowed to listen to it”.

Although the taxi gave way to the requirements of the mohammed-following woman, and switched off the radio, he stopped at the next traffic lamp, went out of the car, and opened the rear passenger door, where his client was sitting. Astonished as she was, she asked the taxi about the reasons for his sudden stop.

“Look, Ma’am, in times of the prophet there were no taxis, so please, get out of mine and look for a camel to carry you to where you want to go”, this great taxi answered her. He will now have to face a dressing down for not having given the proper service to his client (sic).

Alerta Digital will make available for him the services of our legal team in Madrid.

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15 Replies to ““Get out of my taxi and look for a camel to carry you””

  1. People have simply had enough. Like this taxi driver, one by one they will voice their opinions and they will be harassed or prosecuted for it, but when their numbers get larger and larger they will become a force to be reckoned with. This is happening everywhere, in all of the EC and in North America. There will be civil war and the cowardly politicians who caused all this will blame their own people and not the Muslims, until of course the power of the people becomes strong enough, then the same cowardly politicians will side with the people and claim that they were on their side all along.
    The sad thing is, that all the bloodshed caused by this will be a lot more than if we had stopped the Muslim menace five years ago, which would have been a lot more than if we had stopped the Muslim menace ten years ago!

    • History was my most enjoyable subject in school. I cannot recall anything mentioned about muzzies having made any contrbution to the world other than what has happened during the last decade. The killing of innocent people as with the world trade center, the beheading of people that will not conform to the culture and laws of sharia and the warnings to the population of our planet that if they do not denounce their religion and get a praryer rug, grow beards and worship allah (who the hell is that anyway) they will be mordered. I have come to the conclusion that out politicians and those of other countries have let all of the aggressiveness and demands of the muzzies go too far and NOW the citizens must tolerate the abuse of a culture that is bent on the distruction of a free society by filthy terrorists. Further, we the people are sick and tired of being sick and tired of what should be taking place as it relates to stopping the destruction of out country. The muzzies have made it clear that they will do whatever they have to in order to kill Americans, Jews and Christians. Europe is being over run by the rats that have made their intentions clear. We have a muslim and his diciples that are running this country that are doing nothing for the good people that they should be working for and not against. If our country survives until they are out of office, God, please put another Reagan in office to wake up those who are sitting back on their asses with their heads in the sand. The move to eliminate guns in this country will never happen. Guns don’t kill people, people do. Last, and coming from a southerner living in the bible belt, regardless of what the other people in this country think, we will not tolerate the abuse, threats and warnings of the muzzies. If the time comes and you filthy cowards decide the invade the south, we hope that you will come out from behind women,children, nurseries and hospitals and fight like men. If this happens you will find a people that will kill you with extreme predjudice. You will realize a battle that is beyond your comprehension. If you don’t like anything that I have said here then leave, go back to your sand pits, camels and disgusting culture. Take you smelly, nasty women with you, never to return to damage our society and ruin a country where everyone enjoys freedom. Do seriously remember that we the American people will never give into your disgusting demands and will fight for our right to be in America. Semper Fi

    • Obviously, Rick, you haven’t studied any history, otherwise you would know that whilst the Christian Europe was holding back the development of medical science and enforcing the ideas of ancient medicine the Islamic world made great leaps in maths, robotics and medicine

  2. The taxi driver was right – if you don’t want our infidel culture then you won’t get the science and technology based on that culture – including: guns, bombs, tanks and automobiles.

  3. In US there was an incident in airport when a Muslim taxi driver refused to serve the passengers wich was carrying with them the alcoholic drinks, because… etc.

  4. According to this muzzie sharmuta she couldn’t listen to western music because neither the music or radio were around in the days of paedo Mohammed and therefore it was the music of the infidel. She may not have noticed but taxis weren’t arround in goat shagger Mohammed’s days either.

    What next, will the Islamic paedo rapist arselifters claim that they invented the internal combustion engine also? Yes they will if their fuzz faced nightshirted clerics tell them to believe it. If they object to the western ways so much then why don’t they just piss off back to their sand blown rat infested eastern fleapits. then the western world will be a much nicer place for civilised people to live in.

  5. If someone told mahoundian invaders living in Europe that there were no welfare checks in the time they believe their imaginary pedophile to have lived on this planet, they’d say that it’s their jizya nevertheless.

    Speaking of things that didn’t exist in the 7th Century, and which muslims could never have invented but love to make part of their lives nevertheless (such as cell phones, cars, planes, infidel-made weapons, computers, air-conditioners, water-desalination technology, etc.), I think this is a good opportunity to quote Frank Miller on what he had to say on the subject:

    * For some reason, nobody seems to be talking about who we’re up against, and the sixth century barbarism that they actually represent. These people saw people’s heads off. They enslave women, they genitally mutilate their daughters, they do not behave by any cultural norms that are sensible to us. I’m speaking into a microphone that never could have been a product of their culture, and I’m living in a city where three thousand of my neighbors were killed by thieves of airplanes they never could have built.

    o Interview on Talk of the Nation (NPR) as quoted in “NPR Interview with 300’s Frank Miller” The Atlasphere (10 March 2007)

  6. European governments allowed muzzies to over-immigrate as a trial to proof to the world they were not racist after doing the Holocaust and all those earlier pogroms against the Jews, now the Islamic problem is nearly out of control. People must be encouraged to react against those ragheads and their abusive demands, and screw the leftist “political correctness” which is used to justify all the abuses perpetrated by muzzies. If they’re unhappy, there’s nobody preventing them to go back to the sandbox.

  7. He’s a hero. He should have taken her in the opposite direction and dropped her off in the middle of no where.

  8. He will now have to face a dressing down for not having given the proper service to his client

    What client? Why drag the poor camel into this?

    Incidentally, camels are supposed to be the rudest domesticated animals in the world.

    Why? Is it because they have to put up with Muslims?

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