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9 Replies to “Swedish crown jewels stolen?”

  1. Such news just isn’t better than learning that Mona Sahlin has gone through what countless Swedish women, psychologically and physically scarred for life, would never have gone through if Ms. Sahlins support of multiculturalism had never become part and parcel of the Swedish government policies from nearly all sides.

  2. I had to laugh. Is there a ‘National Darwin’ award? Sweden has totally earned it. I wonder if by correlation, the Muslims in Sweden will be treated the most brutally when the scouring begins?

  3. Another crime to lay at the feet of the left, this one aided and abetted by the stupidity of the uneducated elite.


    Well, there are actually 7 good reasons to belief that Sweden will eventually be the most extreme in it’s anti-immigration and anti-sharia policies in a few decades.

    1. A people who supports multiculturalism on such a large scale must be either unable to sense-danger, or have sadomasochistic tendencies: So it would be very easy for them to turn on the immigrants.

    2. A lot of countries that became Marxist ended up becoming “National-Bolshevist” in some sense – any people who are open to Marxism can become just as open to some form of Fascism.

    3. Sweden had a eugenics program until 1975! Google or Wiki it – so i have enough reason to belief that Sweden reaction to immigrants will be severe.

    4. Germanic people like Germans and Scandinavian are by there nature bipolar – that means they usually switch between too extremes. See the change from Sweden as a country that practiced eugenics, to one that practiced multiculturalism, or Germany pre and post WWII.

    5. Scandinavian people are feminine and childlike – they like to follow there government, they think the government has there best interests at heart and they don’t question those in charge.

    6. Sweden is an egalitarian society that tries to cut out independent thinkers and dissidents – which makes it a breeding ground for left-wing-totalitarianism at the present and any kind of totalitarianism in the future.

    7. The entire continent is calling Sweden the leftist paradise – that’s a reputation they may want to change in the future, just like Germany’s war like reputation.

    The Swedes are by there nature authoritarian people – any person who chooses state-socialism is either a follower or a commander, not a burger – so i predict that when the Switch happens Sweden will become one of the most severe anti-immigrant countries in Europe.

  5. Also history shows that the further a nation swings in one direction the further it will swing in reaction to the first swing. The left has pushed people so far to the left the reaction against that will be very sever and the swing to the right will be further then most people will want.

  6. This is a hoax. These royals may be firm and staunch believers in multiculturalism, but only to the extent that they can lay inconveniences, disadvantages, and cost with their subjects. To get up close and personal with their ideological beliefs to the extent of being personally inconvenienced by them? I don’t think so. ROFLOLMAO.

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