Historian Egon Flaig: Sharia is the most dangerous right-wing extremism in the world

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Münich. The ancient historian Egon Flaig has argued against the declarations coming from officials of muslim groups that Islam belongs to the history of Europe. In a comment made for the news magazine Focus, Flaig disagreed amongst others with the representatives of Kenan Kolat, a turkish community in Germany. According to the professor teaching at the University of Rostock, associations with special interests could be maintaining a cultural rememberance devoid of real historical basis. The real basis would be that the penetration of theocracy into politics in the islamic world left not even the smallest place for the kind of republican communities characterizing Europe. “Where have there been self-governing citizenry under islamic rule? Where have there been decreeing people’s assembly  or parliaments? We find nowhere regular elections, referendums, national constitutions, or a town hall” Flaig writes in “Focus”.
“Nowadays there are islamic movements who do not follow sharia, and there is the powerful sharia-complying islam. The difference is fundamental for the chances regarding democracy and human rights. Just as nationalsocialism divided people into superior and inferior men following racist parameters, so has sharia developed a religious apartheid-system. The long-term goal of sharia is to spread this system to the entire world. The sharia-complying Islam can surely be called islamofascism, and the most dangerous right wing radicalism in the world”, Flaig says. This islam has never belonged to Europe. In fact, the european culture was in the position of being able to thrive because it held steady for more than 1000 years against the continuous attacks of the muslim sultanate and the emirate. Only an islam complying with the constitution could be a part of our country.

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10 Replies to “Historian Egon Flaig: Sharia is the most dangerous right-wing extremism in the world”

  1. Islam has always hated the Jews even more than the Nazi’s did. The “good” treatment of Jews in Muslim countries was simply taqiyya. Islam is the most dangerous Anti-Semitism ever.

  2. Muslims like to compare “Islamophobia” to Anti-Semitism, but the most “Islamophobic” country on Earth, the USA, is the least Anti-Semitic country, and defeated Nazi-Germany!

  3. Looks like by allying themselves with ignorant leftists and rightists, too, they are trying to pull off something quite similar right here, right now.

    The roots of Islamic revivalism have been obviously anchored firmly. Funding seems to keep flowing from more than just one side. Demographic mines (or time bombs) have been put in place all over the Western world. Countries like Spain, France, Germany and Britain are already reaping the blessings of parallel Muhammadan societies practically on daily basis. And so it goes on and on…

    If we do not act adequately, swiftly and decisively, the future looks rather bleak in my eyes.

  4. @ “Columnist”

    What makes you think America is the most “islamophobic” country?

    I don’t agree but wish you were right because then the majority would have awoken to the threat that islam brings. That is NOT the case right now.

  5. I agree with columnist. I think that America is more awake than any country about Islam apart from the Central Asian states and their ruthless ways of dealing with Islam . But that ruthlessness comes from the leaders. I am talking about the american people not the politicians of America who are of course Islamofriendly. The American people want nothing to do with Islam and are strongly Christian, and much more so than any western country.

  6. Amsterdam Gets a Harsh Lesson in Islam 101


    In June 2011, Geert Wlders was prosecuted for simply making a film “Fitrna”, and Islam’s totalitarian ideology. And yet when an imam publicy tells the same, quoting chapter and verse from the koran, the Dutch authorities excused it on the basis of freedom of expression.

    These are the kind of double standards practised by the fascist left both in Britain and Holland: Ignore the evils preached by Islamists but prosecute the non Muslims who reveal them. The totalitarian Left unites with Islam in their objective to destroy the culture and traditions of Britain and Europe. Their first objective is Christianity, on whose pillars much of Western civilisation rests.

  7. I reject the label ‘islamophobic’, which is used to distract from the truth. There may be plenty in the US who don’t like islam, though islam was rarely paid attention to before muslims started killing us.

    In fact, actual incidences of actions against muslims are rare in the US, whereas incidents against Jews and Christians in the US are more frequent.

    What we get a lot of from muslims are whining, complaining, failed court actions, and transparent attempts to trump up attacks that never happened. But muslim behavior in the US is doing all the work to turn a large number of Americans against them. Thanks, muslims, could not ask for more!

  8. Don’t use the term Islamicphobic or Islamicphobia, a phobia is an irrational fear, there is nothing irrational about being afraid of the Islamic conquest.

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