UPDATE on two jihadis arrested in Spain on murder and terror charges

Translated by Hermes:

From Digital Alert:

The police already warned of an increasing islamic radicalism in the general area of those detained in Melilla.

The police had been tracking for months Rachib Abdellah Mohamed and Nabil Mohamed Chaid, the two men detained in Melilla, for being suspected members of a radical islamist cell and accused of having tortured and killed another 2 members of the group who had in mind abandoning it.

According to police sources, the 2 detainees from Melilla, aged 25 and 30, were being tracked down after clues showed their relationship with the death of 2 young men, which were found in a locality of Morocco with their faces charred, and after noticing an increase in radicalism in their region.

The police continue to investigate the environments of the two young men who were living in the  Cañada de Hidum neighborhood, which is located at the outskirts of Melilla, a highly conflict-ridden zone with a muslim majority in which, according to police sources, muslims following the most extreme forms of Islam live.

The detention of these men, which were considered to be “extremely dangerous”, has given way to a series of searches at their homes, together with the questioning of people who might be linked to them.

It is expected that Rachib Abdellah Mohamed and Nabil Mohamed will be taken to Madrid by helicopter in order to be brought at the disposal of Eloy Velasco, the person in charge of the central court no. 6 of the National High Court.

Before the arrests, police had already warned of an increasing level of activity by “radical islamists”, as well as expressing their worries about a growing extremist mood especially in the La Cañada neighborhood

Agents from the general intelligence unit went to Melilla in order to carry through the operation in collaboration with the superion police department of the town

The clues point towards the 2 detainees leading a group, which according to the Interior Ministry, was characterized by its patent secrecy and the adoption of tight inner security measures in order to remain in clandestine.

Thus, its members were forced to live a life of submission to the takfiri beliefs – one of the most orthodox branches of jihadism or radical islamism – which included cutting ties with their families, leave their studies and the ban on listening to music or watching TV.

On July 15, 2008, the bodies of two alleged members of the group were found in Nador (Morocco). They had been tortured and assassinated for having tried to leave the group in accordance to a punishment coming from a radical interpretation of Sharia law.

The families of the deceased had denounced the disappearance of these men some days before, on July 11, so that an investigation was opened in order to get to know their whereabouts.

Finally, they were found on Moroccan soil with evident signs of violence, among them the charred faces, this being the reason why initially they could only be identified by the personal objects they  carried with them.

The officers determined that Rachid Abdellah Mohamed and Nabil Mohamed Chaib had been the perpetrators of the killings. These two men, who were also subjects of an arrest warrant issued by Morocco, had been in many countries of Europe, where they fled in 2008.

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