Where angels fear to tread. U.S. politics.

I really do try and avoid certain matters of US internal politics unless it crosses the threshold of irrational leftism or Islam and its incursion and infiltration of the west.

Well frankly, under that criteria, Obama can’t send his laundry out at this stage without being within my areas of interest, given the Ikhwan near total infiltration and effective influence ops on the executive branch.

Even so, I did want to avoid this issue, although it could be said to be within the prevue of irrational leftism. The bigger reason I want to avoid it, is I do not know enough about it to have any kind of opinion anyone should listen to, or even know enough about it to know what to post on the issue. I do think some kind of federal health care plan is good for business. I know for a fact that Canada, specifically Ontario, won contracts for major corporations like Toyota to build plants here as opposed to the US for the simple reason that Toyota could pay employees more in Ontario and it would still cost less as they would’t have to cover the health-care costs of those same employees. So it is a hell of an advantage when dealing with business at that scale. Beyond that, I would rather say nothing.

Even so, here are a couple of videos with SUN TV’s take on it.  Also, OxAO posted this link which also seems to shed some light on the facts behind this decision. The article is quite good. Please do give it a click.

I hope this information proves valuable.


And while I am riding roughshod over my own rules, one on contempt of congress by Holder. This has John Robson’s analysis. Prof. Robson is someone I have had the privilege of hearing speak live on constitutional law and was lucid on the issue.  He has a video of his analysis of Obama Care. His is an opinion I would accept as likely worthwhile.

And on Holder:


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