Syrian Rebels Plundering and Destroying Churches

Islam Vs. Europe:

19:39 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe
Member of the “Free Syrian Army” with stolen priest’s garment and cross, Homs

A few months ago, in a blog post, I wondered whether the Syrian jihadist rebels were taking advantaging of the chaos the country is in to destroy symbols of the country’s Christian heritage, like the famous crusader castle of Krak des Chevalier. As these images of plundered churches show, it is now clear that they have gone much further than that.

Plundered church in Bustan Al-Diwan, Homs old town

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4 Replies to “Syrian Rebels Plundering and Destroying Churches”

  1. The consequence of our liberation of Iraq and making it a “democracy”, is that Christians have been ethnically cleansed from Iraq. A similar situation is happening throughout the ME. Syria is the only country where Christians were free to practice their religion publicly and without fear. It is also the most culturally advanced country in the ME for women.

    If the West succeeds in toppling the Assad government, what will happen to Christians and other non-sunni people, will be worse then what happened in Iraq. I’m sure that our politicians know this, or at least there strategists do.

    One of the few countries in the ME that is half decent, will have been brought down and replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Overall result, for all practical purposes, there will be no Christians in the ME. Jews have already been ethnically cleansed.

  2. Nuts. The US/UK/France are pumping up the Sunnis for some reason. I guess the endless whinging and whining of muslim immigrants in the west about how we support their dicators and control their countries has seen us finally cave in and help the Sunnis in their quest for world dominance. So next time we hear a “we will get out of your countries when you get out of ours” we can call them on their hypocrisy and demand they leave as their Sunni paradise controlled by their imams has been attained.

  3. “So next time we hear a “we will get out of your countries when you get out of ours””

    Simply reverse the argument. As long as Muslims don’t leave Europe, we are entitled to meddle in their affairs.

    There is another reason France/UK push the most radical Muslims in those countries. The sooner Islam reaches its logical conclusion, the sooner Islam will destroy itself. There is a reason “extremism” is forbidden in Islam. There is a reason “takfiris” are about the most hated people in Muslim countries.

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