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5 Replies to “Tommy Robinson June 23 2012”

  1. Tommy and Kevin’s integration with Paul’s party is an excellent decision for all involved.
    Tommy is extremely committed and courageous and has my complete admiration. However, unfortunately, mainly due to his dialect and speaking style, his media presence leaves a lot to be desired, since to the initial uninformed observer he tends to come across as a “working class soccer and pub type” – please forgive me Tommy, just stating what I see.
    The BFP needs to be sold hard, hard, hard to the Brits who might become their voters, and to this end Paul’s T.V. persona combined with his grammar school enunciation make him highly credible and easy to listen to.
    The Americans spend large amounts of money and effort in coaching politicos in speech and body language, which, judging from the assholes in charge in the U.S., seems to work very well. A leaf out of their book really would serve the BFP well as far as the media goes.
    Respectfully to all, and good luck —

  2. This integration of parties is one of the best things to happen in Britain, the combined party is going to become a major force in British politics. Probably sooner then Paul thinks and Tommy is going to become a semi-King maker in British politics no matter what he wants.

    One of the ways to see how good politicians and activists are is to look at how hard the left attacks them, their attacks on Tommy are on par with their attacks on Sarah Palin. The left is terrified of both. One reason they are afraid is that he is an effective speaker because his passion and beliefs show through in his speeches.

    Keep up the good work Tommy

  3. Don’t worry about accent etc. Tommy, we aren’t playing the old silver-spoon snobbery game any more. Paul can tackle the poshies, you, Kev and the others speak to the until recently anaesthetized working class, the British people who are now finally waking up.

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