‘Iran could have enough material for bomb within 4 months’

Israel Hayom:

U.S. officials warn that Iran is close to producing enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon, French report says • It says despite setbacks due to cyberattacks, Iran has accelerated its uranium enrichment program.

Israel Hayom Staff and News Agencies
Iranian technicians at the underground Fordo nuclear plant.


Photo credit: Reuters

U.S. officials believe Iran will be able to produce enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon within four months, according to a report by French news agency AFP on Wednesday. The report says that despite setbacks from cyberattacks like the Stuxnet attack in 2009, Iran has quickened its pace of uranium enrichment.

High-level nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers in Moscow fizzled on Tuesday, creating an increased opportunity for Israel to use the setback to argue that military force is the only way to stop Tehran from developing atomic arms.

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4 Replies to “‘Iran could have enough material for bomb within 4 months’”

  1. Tehran will eventually get a nuclear bomb anyway thanks to seditious slackers like Obama, so there’s little point in making a fuss. Whether it’s four months from now or four years, or whether Iran have one already, is neither here nor there. What’s important is if Israel get off their backsides and do something about it before Ahmadinejad really blows his fuse and sets one off.
    Let’s face it, under the current regime, the United States aren’t going to do anything about it, they’ve got the most treacherous president in history at the Helm – the U.N. won’t do anything about it because they’re already making plans for the next Caliphate, and the EU, well……er… they’re the EU (useless Marxist dhimmi parasites)!
    It’s really Israel’s call now, the only nation left on Earth that actually understands the full consequences of Iranian nuclear ambitions, and the nation that is first in line of fire once these Shia nutters get itchy trigger fingers.
    I think that Israel will go it alone. They’ve lost most of their friends, hardly anyone likes them thanks to false smears by the Leftist-Palestinian alliance, and if you think about it they’ve nothing to lose.
    Israel, despite their faltering, may be the one nation on Earth who still have both testicles intact. If they stop dithering, ignore the opinions of the rest of the World, and bomb the Iranian missile bases, then they could seriously singe Dinner Jacket’s beard. After all, what would you do if threatened by a lunatic when no one else wanted to help you? You’d either sink or swim.
    I believe that Israel, after a few cautious toe dips in the water, will try and swim. It’s life or death to them and they should forget any popularity contests and just get on with it!

  2. Bob Israel is going to have to pick their time carefully, the reports that they are planning to launch an attack during the US election campaign is telling, during the campaign Obama would be unable to publicly punish Israel for acting in self defense. Don’t forget the reports that the US is actively working to prevent Israel from attacking Iran.

    I personally doubt that Israel will be able to do more then delay the Iranian program more then 6 to 12 months, the Iranian program is to dispersed and protected by massive bunkers, Israel has the skill and the motivation but they are limited by the size of their air force. I have heard that the US plan was for a month long 24 seven bombing campaign against well over 100 targets, the long time was so the bombs could gnaw their way through the mountains to the point the roofs of the bunkers would collapse. Israel doesn’t have the assets to do this.

    Reports like this are why I think Paul Weston is wrong on the war not starting for 20 years.

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