Israeli killed as IDF, terrorists exchange fire along Egypt border


Terrorist cell penetrates border fence and sets off explosive device; Israeli communities near border have been put on high alert.

By Gili Cohen | Jun.18, 2012 | 7:40 AM
The fence along Israel's border with Egypt.

The fence along Israel’s border with Egypt. Photo by Eliyahu Hershkovitz
Israel's border crossing with Egypt.

Israel’s border crossing with Egypt.

An Israeli citizen was killed Monday morning during clashes between Israel Defense Forces soldiers and terrorists who infiltrated the southern border with Egypt.

Initial information reveals that a terrorist cell penetrated the fence along the border with Egypt on Monday morning, and set off an explosive device near Be’er Milka, an Israeli moshav near the Egyptian border.

After penetrating the border, the terrorists started to open fire and as a result, a construction worker was wounded, and died later of his wounds.

The IDF’s Golani Brigade was called to the scene and began exchanging fire with the armed men near the Philadelphia corridor near Kerem Shalom.

The attack follows a few days of intelligence warnings.

Israeli communities near the border have been put on high alert.

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4 Replies to “Israeli killed as IDF, terrorists exchange fire along Egypt border”

  1. Since the mahoundian brotherhood’s zebiba boy has won the presidential election in Egypt, such attacks against Israel could just be the beginning of what the so-called arab “spring” has always been about, and that will make it much harder for the lamestream media to continue to stick to its narrative about the spawning of bedouin Jeffersons and Franklins. I’m also quite sure that when Catherine if-ugliness-were-bricks-she-would-be-the-Great-Wall-of-China Ashton comments on such developments, she’ll blame all of it on Israel.

  2. They get the idiot of the year prize

    They killed one of their own.!!

    The guy was an Israeli Arab from Haifa

    As we speak, tanks are moving up to the border with Egypt

    I pray to G-d its not another war.

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