Cops arrest third suspect, 16, in teen prostitution ring

While this article may not say much, I have recently spoken with the mother of a girl attending an Ottawa Public school, and it would appear that while the news cannot legally report on the identities of the perpetrators, the people who have children at these schools and know about it are certainly free to talk about it, and this forced prostitution ring being broken up in Ottawa has more in common with the European, and notably English ones, than merely forcing underage girls into sexual slavery.

From the Ottawa Sun:





Teens arrested in human trafficking, prostitution case
Two 15-year-old Ottawa girls were arrested in connection with human trafficking at the Russell housing complex on Walkley Rd. They face charges of human trafficking, robbery, forcible confinement, sexual assault, assault, abduction and uttering threats. (KELLY ROCHE/OTTAWA SUN/QMI AGENCY)

The 16-year-old girl, who is alleged to have pimped out other young girls for sex, was arrested Thursday night in Gatineau.

She is believed to be the last suspect Ottawa police were looking for in connection with a teenage prostitution ring.

“We’ve had information coming in,” said Ottawa police Staff Sgt. John McGetrick, of the sex assault unit. “It all came together (Thursday) night.”

Two 15-year-old girls, who face human trafficking and other charges, were arrested over the weekend.

The 16-year-old girl — who police had earlier said was 17 years old — had been on the lam since then.

Police were tight-lipped about the details, but said she was arrested at about 8 p.m. in Gatineau and was later returned to Ottawa.

“We had some information she was over there,” said McGetrick. “It’s one step out of the way, but in a major cases a lot of work starts after the arrest.”

Police said they do not believe any other suspects were involved. Nor have any additional victims come forward, but anyone with information is encouraged to contact Ottawa cops.

She is accused of eight charges related to one teen girl in incidents on May 30. The charges include to “recruit, transport and hold” a person under 18 for exploitation, procuring the same teen girl to become a prostitute and confining, robbing, assaulting and threatening the girl.

She’s also charged with breaching recognizance, including a curfew.

The young woman, wearing glasses with thick, square frames and an oversized hoodie, her hair scraped into a ponytail, made a brief court appearance Friday.

She’ll be back in court by video link Wednesday.

She indicated to her lawyer that she understood what was being said in English and that she understood an order not to communicate with a long list of people, including two 15-year-olds facing similar charges and the alleged victims in the case.

One 15-year-old will appear in court Monday, the second on Tuesday.

Lawyer Nicholas St. Pierre, who said he’s represented the girl before, but wouldn’t give other details, said the girl is under a lot of pressure.

“She understands fully the importance of those charges and that’s why it’s been so rough on her,” St. Pierre said.

“She fully understands them and she is, to use the word, shocked by the allegations that she is facing. She’s doing her best in coping with the media attention that she’s getting from these charges. Obviously, she’s been detained at the moment so therefore it’s hard on her.”

St. Pierre said he’s awaiting disclosure of the evidence against his client before he can schedule any bid for bail.

Police on Friday also said they have yet to arrest any johns in connection with this case.

Neighbours described the girls, one of whom is a high school drop-out, as troublesome. The teens apparently threw parties, luring girls via social media to a Walkley Rd. home three times between mid-May and early June. Police said victims were threatened into prostitution, and were also taken to various locations.

“You see these girls walking with a stack of $100 bills in their hands,” a neighbour told the Sun.

The identities of all three girls are protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

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2 Replies to “Cops arrest third suspect, 16, in teen prostitution ring”

  1. Having girls as the groomers and slavers is a twist to the European version, but not so big a twist that we can’t see who is doing this.

  2. 16 year old girls are not savvy enough to run prostitution rings with underage girls – which begs who are “The Perpetrators”?. I have previously commented on here that if these grooming gangs are as prevalent as they obviously are in the U.K.– then it stands to reason that where there are large Muslim Paki enclaves in Canada’s cities, it’s happening here as well. Their culture actually approves of it and they know how to play the race card to deflect enquiry.
    It took years for the U.K. media and police to finally admit this was going on over there, (google Charlene Downes, the case which helped to bust it wide open).
    Perhaps the same suppressive bullshit is going on here at home right now? I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment.
    Lock up your daughters Canada.

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