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14 Replies to “Murfreesboro mosque construction blocked”

  1. I’m not an expert on the United States so feel free anyone to correct me if I’m wrong:
    I have a gut feeling that there are certain U.S. states (probably Republican leaning ones, or maybe ones with large proportions of churchgoers) who are already onto Islam’s little game and have been for some time and there are other U.S. States that are clueless.
    Tennessee, to me, always seemed to be one of the States that would be opposing Islam, and this article makes me think that they are. We’ve already seen Kansas, Arizona and Oklahoma make a stance against it. I expect, however states like California and Illinois, with their strict gun laws and their Leftist-leanings to be amongst the last to realize the dangers of the Islamic threat.
    Anyone else have an opinion on this, or am I on the wrong track?

  2. Bob you are right, the political leanings of the state are an indicator of how much the mulch-cultural poison has take effect, some times the states take a stand and a Federal court strikes it down but the more conservative (conserve freedom) states are taking a stand that the US is not going to allow the Moslems to take over.

  3. Dear Eeyore,

    I am leaving a message on the topmost video because i am sure you will read it.

    Lately there has been a visitor called “Columnist” – now you may have had the idea that he is most likely a troll or a mentally-psychotic, who post meaningless messages in the hope of annoying people.

    I personally doubt that – i think he is most likely some kind of occultist: there stick is basically posting meaningless and self-contradictory messages in order to confuse people, this is how they belief they will attain (magic) power.

    Another good indicator is the frequent mentioning of sexual subjects, sex-magic and calling people spiritually defficient because they don’t accept his wild theories.

    Rest assured that “Columnist” does not actually believes what he writes – instaid it is a type of “magic”, which he believes will give him power over other people, most likely, he hopes to channel our anger or hate towards himself towards Muslims.

    I know this souds silly – but this is what they belief.

    My suggestion is simply to ban him – he will not contribute anything and he is most likely using our comments about himself to practise sexual magic. Again this is silly, but they belief in using sexual magic to curse people.

    If you doubt me – then reread his comments for mentions of sexual subjects and the pieces will fall in place.

  4. Bobbejane,

    I’m glad that someone mentioned that Columnist guy. He makes no sense whatsoever. Some of his “gems” include that learning Hebrew makes one an antisemite, the Holocaust being about animal rights and monogamy, Asians being untrustworthy business partners or how resisting racism will land one in hell. I read his blog and it was nothing but gibberish and random linguistics.

    He does serve a good purpose, though. He’s a perfect example of what crack does to you.

  5. One of the growing problem in the U.S. is that many of their administrations, be it Justice, Homeland Security, Finance, etc., have been infiltrated by Islamists and have become part of the American fabric, working from the inside and enabling many of these decisions to be accepted. In my opinion, mosques should not be built in any city of the western world. They are not compatible with our culture – plain and simple. They are built because our leftists numnuts and insider Islamists are using our current politically correct situation effectively.

  6. Don’t ban Columnist, after all we need all the allies we can get in the war against Islam, just ignore his more bizarre comments.
    After all, we’re meant to be supporting freedom of speech here and if we can’t provide counter-arguments against what he says, if we need to, then we’re no better than Lefties or Islamists!

  7. can’t be a crack head.

    those poor souls can’t afford internet, let alone find time to discover this blog.

    just saying

  8. @ Softly Bob

    A mental patient, drug-addict, internet-troll or occultist is a bad ally.

    What i was trying to say was; Columnist is trying to confuse use, or/and make use angry, so that he can use our anger/hatred in “magic” rituals – against Muslim, other occultists or his ex-wife. Who knows.

    I would have gone with the troll/crackhead direction, but he clearly mentions tantric magic rituals and there are some-other hints. Like calling someone spiritual inept because they don’t belief sarcasm can be true/meaningfull/spiritual.

    This is because occultists belief a texts can hold different “hidden” layers of material: Religions like Hermetic, Neoplatonic, Kabbalic and Sufi occultism, which are all Middle-Eastern/Meditteranean inniate religions, belief this. So an occultist would say that rabelais’s Gargantua and Pantagruel isn’t a commentary on the church, but holds “special” and “secret” knowledge.

    This “secret” and “sacred” knowledge is not a code or a level of symbolism hidden in the text, it is simply believed to be there.


    The best way to get rid of him, would be to take him serious – keep mentioning the crazy things he is saying and demanding he explain himself, eventually he will realise that we are acting superior and more knowing towards him and he will leave, because he wants to stay in the illusion that he knows more then use and that he has “special” and “hidden” knowledge.

  9. Bobbejane said:
    “posting meaningless and self-contradictory messages in order to confuse people, this is how they belief they will attain…”

    That is the defenition of trolling. The reasons for trolling at irrelevant.

    Everyone trolls a little bit but not every post. We all like to think we have a really intuitive statement to say once in a while.

  10. Agree w/Softly. Some states are not fooled by islam and take legal steps to deal with muslims. Others are in denial; liberals, mostly, who think pandering is ok.

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