Things moving fast in Egypt.

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What it looks like at the moment is, the military has declared that a third of the seats held by theMuslim Brotherhood are illegal and that Mubarek’s old PM will be allowed to seek office despite strenuous objections from the usual suspects.

Here is a story from FOX:

Egypt court orders entire parliament dissolved, deems election unconstitutional

Published June 14, 2012

Associated Press

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    Jan 23, 2012: FILE – In this file photo, members of parliament stand and pray for the souls of the victims who died during the uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak during the first Egyptian parliament session after the revolution, in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt’s highest court has ordered the country’s Islamist-dominated parliament dissolved, saying its election about six months ago was unconstitutional. (AP)

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    June 3, 2012: FILE – In this file photo, Egyptian presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq holds a clipping from an Arabic newspaper with a headline that reads, “The Muslim Brotherhood–not suited for presidency or government,” during a press conference in Cairo, Egypt. (AP)

CAIRO –  Egypt’s highest court on Thursday ordered the country’s Islamist-dominated parliament dissolved and ruled that the last prime minister to serve under Hosni Mubarak could stay in the presidential race, twin blows to the Muslim Brotherhood that could sweep away its political gains since Mubarak’s ouster 16 months ago.

The rulings by the Supreme Constitutional Court, whose judges are Mubarak appointees, escalated the power struggle between the Brotherhood and the military, which stepped in to rule after Mubarak’s fall. The decisions tip the contest dramatically in favor of the ruling generals, robbing the Brotherhood of its power base in parliament and boosting Ahmad Shafiq, the former Mubarak prime minister who many see as the military’s favorite in the presidential contest against the Brotherhood’s candidate.

Senior Muslim Brotherhood leader and lawmaker Mohammed el-Beltagy said the rulings amounted to a “full-fledged coup.”

“This is the Egypt that Shafiq and the military council want and which I will not accept no matter how dear the price is,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

The Brotherhood and liberal and leftist activists who backed last year’s revolution against Mubarak accused the military of using the constitutional court as a proxy to preserve the hold of the ousted leader’s authoritarian regime and the generals over the country. Many of them were vowing new street protests.

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7 Replies to “Things moving fast in Egypt.”

  1. This is great news. In truth I doubted the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the ME was going to be a complete cakewalk as the educated know more about them than educated westerners do.

    Hopefully more political freedom will, over time, allow for more choices to ME people- thus neutralizing the MB’s main attraction, that they were the primary alternative to the dictators.

    Now that the people of the ME have more freedom they will be a little more loath to allow power to a political organization whose only goal is to restrict their freedoms further.

    That doesn’t mean that we should not be vigilant or assume things will turn out for the best on their own. We should pro actively and aggressively support the secularists and parties who’s views are more like ours.

    I would like to see articles on this blog that educate us about the secular parties in post “Arab Spring” countries.

  2. It won’t be a cake walk, but it will occur, this is a delaying action by people who know that if/when the MB takes over they are on the kill list. The people who find this action surprising have never studies the history of revolutions and coups.

  3. Yes, Iran saving the world from Saudi-Arabia. How ironic. It is prophecized in a way in Isaiah, a man coming from the desert from a land of terror, being defeated by Elam.

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