Once more, Anti-Israel people infiltrate the gay pride march in Toronto

I changed the title of this post because, as it was rightly pointed out to me, the salient point about these people, ‘Queers against Israeli Apartheid’ or something very much like that, is not that they are gay. It is that they hate the state of Israel. Clearly Israel is by light years more friendly to homosexuals than any of its Muslim neighbors. It is most likely that leftists and Islamic influence operations have arranged this group in order to take the highly fashionable gay pride march and turn it into something quite different.

Apologies to any and all who were offended. It cannot be denied that many gay organizations are far left leaning and therefore will not adjust policies to be less hostile to Israel etc. even though it is in the interest of genuine gay rights. (Ottawa’s Capital Extra newspaper for example) but this again has little to do with the gay community, or gay people as a whole, each of which I am confident, have the same agency to form their own opinions as diverse as any other segment of the population, other than those defined by beliefs.

Gay people are not a faith or political group. They are a sexual orientation. But there are certainly those who would like to hijack those voices and make it one.

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4 Replies to “Once more, Anti-Israel people infiltrate the gay pride march in Toronto”

  1. This may or may not be irrelevant but, seriously, do you really think the ringleaders of this are really gay? The ringleaders and organizers of these things are ALWAYS arabs – who have found a bunch of stupid westerners to hide behind.

    Arab activists specifically target any libral/left wing or “oppressed” group they can in order to spread their poison and sucker people into being allies and camouflage.

    Considering how much the enemies of Israel lie about everything, it is more than a little likely that the ring leaders of this group aren’t really gay.

  2. It is more likely that the radial left is behind this march, the Arabs are enjoying the uproar but probably didn’t start it.

    Don’t concentrate on the Moslems to the extent that you can’t see our other enemies, and never think that because the Chinese are having trouble with Moslems they are our friends. The enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy, nothing more, nothing less.

  3. Said this before but it always bears repeating: Many homosexuals are privately favorable to Islam because they know that despite the prohibitions against sodomy and occasional offcutting of gay heads, many Muslim men engage in it and Muslim countries secretly condone it as long as it’s not exhibited publicly. It’s pure hypocrisy and homosexuals rightly see it for what it is. They would LOVE the opportunity to live under the caliphate, where they can be penetrated and sodomize boys to their hearts’ content, since that already happens in Muslim countries. All the homosexual has to do is keep it in the closet…no more feather boas and parades.

    A step further. If you first believe the lie that Allah = “God,” then it follows that living under Islam would appeal to homosexuals even more since national love of homosexuality – even in strict Muslim countries – means, if only in a warped way, “God” doesn’t merely ignore but approves of homosexuality. So what’s for a homosexual NOT to love in Islam, as it’s hypocritically practiced in all Muslim countries?

    How this ties in to typical homosexual dislike for Israel is obvious; however liberalized sections of Israel might be, you can’t help going back to Moses and the Law where there is zero lenience or excusal for sodomy.

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