Your daily laugh. Muslim, Anti EDL, and anti Tommy Robinson video.

A good friend of this blog sent me a link to youtube for this hysterical video, attempting to demonize Tommy Robinson in classic Islamic fashion. I felt it needed an intro, but I did no editing whatsoever other than a sort of watermark saying what this video actually is. It didn’t need any. So grab a beer and a pulled pork sandwich and enjoy.

Oh, and I am really looking forward to the comments on this one.

Below the fold, a little reminder about some of the facts around the creation of the state of Israel

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20 Replies to “Your daily laugh. Muslim, Anti EDL, and anti Tommy Robinson video.”

  1. The islamistic girl says “Our boys are not fighting for england (in afghanistan)” Well duh! her boys are fighting against english soldiers..

  2. Well fuck me ridged with a barge pole! I think I’ve seen a case FOR the niqab, and as for the so called “lion”, one of my farts could knock that cunt out….

  3. These arrogant little pr*cks certainly think we’re stupid.

    1) Tommy Robinson is NOT a pedophile but their precious prophet was. It’s typical muslim projection…..again.
    2) “Tommy supports a “terrorist state” called Israel”…..this is just more Jew hatred. Israel simply protects herself from the terrorist fakestinians. Yes, Tommy supports Israel but NOT the terrorist fakestinians.
    3) Tommy Robinson is NOT an idiot. He speaks the truth about islam and that’s what they’re afraid of and hence this video full of lies. He obviously presents a threat to them so they attack him. This reminds me of some of the tactics used by CAIR.

    And BTW “our” boys are fighting for truth & justice, your boys are terrorists and your justice means the brutal shariah.

    Just to be fair they said a few true things………

    1)” islam is islam and muslims are muslims”……there is no radical islam, it’s all radical and there are no moderate muslims , they’re all potential radicals.
    2)”islam will never change” and that means it will wage war on earth until every person is governed by shariah or islam is eradicated.
    3) they can say jihad whenever they want….and they do, they also wage it on a daily basis and they can define it any way they want but we all know it’s main meaning is war or why else would “allah” make exceptions from jihad for the infirm in the koran if it was simply “inner struggle’?

    Like most everything they produce, it’s another pack of lies and pathetic to boot.

  4. These little arselifters call Tommy Robinson a paedo without a shred of evidence to back it up. This coming from the biggest known bunch of paedo rapists on earth despite the cover-ups by our arse sniffing bent politicians and their flunkies. Everybody knows that the religion of piss worships the most infamous paedo rapist of all, namely Dog Head Mohammed. But we all know that arselifters are the biggest liars on earth so whatever crap they push out doesn’t mean a thing

    They refer to British troops as “our boys” when it’s a known fact that “their boys” are on the side of pislam, the scourge of the earth. They refer to Britain as being “our country”, wrong, Britain is not a backward muslim wog state. The home of these paedophile rapist arselifters of Pislam is in the sand blown backward fleapits of the east where camels shit all over the place.

    And out of this camel shit came forth Islamic shit. Amen.

  5. I am giving LionessAndMehdjahid a thumbs up. They are telling the truth from their perspective which is.

    1. Tommy is a pedophile because they will not listen.

    2 & 3 Tommy support Israelis conspiracy to eliminate all Muslims and the continued control over England.

    4. there is only one Islam there are no extremists in Islam.

    5. Jihad is justice or Islamic justice. It is a fight to bring Islamic justice where-ever it doesn’t exists.

    I want these people to tell the truth it is rare.

  6. Unfortunately one sitting wasn’t enough to make it through this short little clip……about 30 seconds into it my bowels started and rumbling and I lit out for the toilet…..thunderous porcelain reverb action ensued for a good hour as the righteous indignation of my bowels penalized me for watching such insipid and vacuous ramblings……..

    Somewhat recovered, I made my way through the green flatulent fog in my abode and, sitting in front my computer, once again tried to make my way through the entirety of this pitiful propaganda as these manipulative muslims meandered through the gardens of Gazan rhetoric……unfortunately mid clip my budgie, with a last gasp and a crash, fell off its perch, succumbed to either the outrageous islamic lunacy or the howling hot winds from my arse……(I’m not sure which….the coroners report, due in a couple of days, will end the mystery…..)

    Anyway, I digress…… before, I was once again stricken with the trots and barely made it back to the bowl……as I sat down I heard the door slam as the cat, having enough of both the torturous, tedious whining of the panhandling Palestinians and the fetid rumblings of my bowels from Hell, grabbed a bag of Kibbles and his squeaky toy, and booked passage on AmTrak for greener, less aromatic, pastures….

    (for my heartless indifference of the sensibilities of both budgie and now, globetrotting, cat……I fully expect to be on PETA’s “Terminate With Extreme Prejudice” hit list……)

    Epilogue:…..made it to the end of the video but it nearly cost me my life and now I am without the company of either fur or feather…….(I am now weeping…..and reaching for a very large glass of brandy)

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  7. Ok……(snif, snif….gulp gulp….pour….gulp, gulp…….)

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada


    (Good news though…..Satan and his minions have, through the grapevine of the damned, caught wind of the nature of my wind…..apparently my guest appearance on the Plains of Perdition, upon my expiration, has been cancelled………to quote the big guy: “Contrary to popular opinion, we have both our limits and certainly our reputation to consider”………overjoyed, I sent an email through to the Pearly Gates informing them of my good fortune and expected arrival upon my expiration………but, strangely……I have yet to hear back regarding confirmation of my reservation on Cloud 9…………)

  8. From this video:

    “A Muslims sol purpose is to establish (Islamic Justice) any Muslim that doesn’t understand this and doesn’t act on this is a dumb ass”

    That couldn’t be said enough

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