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4 Replies to “Michel Coren takes the Ottawa academic to task, who appeared to support Khomeini on Press TV clip”

  1. This guy is foolish to think he can make a diffrerence with his christian virtue. I admire his zeal but unfortunately he is being used to make Islamic conquest easier.
    What is he doing? negotiating concessions for us.
    I for one would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

  2. Typical example of an “academic” who is full of “intellectual” spielerei, also known as shit, serving no other purpose than the gratification of his own, pathetical and superfluous, ego.

  3. Well, there you go. He made another blunder by stating that he belongs to the United Church of Canada. A church group heavyly involved in left wing political agendas. This doesn’t help his image. A professor of nothing.

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