Syria: Jihad is now a duty!”

Translated by Hermes:

From this German source:

“Jihad is now a duty!”

By Florian Flade


German salafists now have a favorite issue: Syria. They collect donations and curse the dictator Assad as “enemy of Allah”. The security forces are alarmed: Syria could become a new travel destination for jihadists.


The bloodbath in Syria has no end. The president Bashar al Assad has allegedly committed a number of massacres against the civil population. The pictures and accounts of the eyewitnesses about executions of women and children spread around the globe and cause horror. While the international community increases the political pressure on the syrian regime, german islamists see the arrival of the time for “holy war” against the dictator Assad. Radical preachers call, through video messages, to jihad.

The german security forces are alarmed. They are afraid that islamists from the federal republic could see the conflict in Syria as an occasion to take part in the fight against the Assad Regime. According to security reports, radical islamists have still not been registered leaving for Syria. But this could change soon. “Syria could turn into a destination for jihadists from abroad”, the investigator said to the newspaper “Die Welt”, “The country could possibly turn into an attractive destination for german islamists in order to engage in armed jihad.”

German islamists were in the last years traveling in successive waves to Irak, to the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan (Waziristan), and to Somalia in order to undertake trainings in terrorist camps. Syria was up to this date no attractive destination for belligerent extremists. Since the country sank in a bloody uprising of the opposition against the dictator from Damascus, Syria has turned into a hot bed for islamic fighters. Meanwhile there’s a growing number of reports about jihadists from Irak, the Gulf States, North Africa and Pakistan, which join the groups of fighters from the opposition.

Meanwhile, the security forces of Germany register apart from calls from the german salafist circles to support the brothers in faith of Syria with donations and other material help, also straightforward calls for jihad. Just like in 1990 and subsequent years in Bosnia, now they are recruiting voluntary islamists for jihad. The austrian islamist Mohammed M. AKA “Abu Usama al-Gharib”, for example, called his followers in a recent preaching unashamedly on to an armed struggle against Assad.

“Jihad is now a duty!”, M. says in the preaching, which “Welt Online” made available, “Whoever can go to Syria to wage jihad, he is under obligation to do it! (…) If you have no money, get it! If you know no path, get informed! Move with your brothers and sisters and fight for these oppressed ones. Let’s fight for them!” According to the islamist M., whoever wants to go to Jihad in Syria, needs neither the permission of the parents nor the legal opinion of an islamic scholar. And he also says: “It’s a duty for everyone, just like the prayer!”

M. left Germany in May after the interior ministry of Hesse announced that it would deport the preacher after he had been making callings for jihad. M. lives now with his german wife in Egypt, from where he continues to distribute audio and video preachings, which he specifically addresses to his followers in Germany and Austria.

Besides Mohamed M. The Ex-Rapper Denis C. (ex Deso Dogg) from Berlin has, according to the nformations from “Welt Online”, also made public this weekend an islamic war song,or Nasheed, in which he calls on for the Jihad in Syria. “Where do we want to go? Where do we have to go? We want to go to Jihad on the path of Allah!”, C. sings in the music video, which was made public on the internet. According to C., Assad, the ruler of Syria, must be annihilated, and the syrian people must be liberated.

Meanwhile, The salafist circles have organized a new help campaign in order to collect donations to provide relief for Syria – without calling for jihad. The project “An-Nusrah” should serve to deliver humanitarian aid for Syria. Up to this day more than 21.000 euros have supposedly been collected.


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8 Replies to “Syria: Jihad is now a duty!””

  1. Not to keep any filthy koranimal from running off to certain death BUT it has been proven that the “massacre” was a PR stunt by the rebels in order to sway public opinion in international relations in an attempt to force NATO..Umm..the US..into military action on the behalf of the filthy sowdis.


  2. Islam works by abrogation, just like Mohamed’s instructions to his gang. When a muslim ‘scholar’ calls for jihad, (A scholar is really more like a jurist in our way of seeing things as they are not scholarly but are authoritative on sharia) then it becomes compulsory and Islam in that circumstance moves from mecca (not overtly hostile) to Medina (open warfare)

  3. Men like Assad (and Saddam) are needed to keep these bastards in line. Muslims are used to living like slaves and they only respect force.
    The World is against Assad because of crimes committed against his own people, but these ‘civilians’ have exaggerated the crimes against them (using taqiyya and playing the victim as usual) and the massacres carried about by Assad’s regime were in the main responses to atrocities committed by the citizens themselves.
    You think that Syria is bad now, just wait until Assad falls. It will be like Iraq is now that Saddam has gone.
    Do you think that Iran are just going to sit back and do nothing? Once the Assad regime has been toppled, Syria will become a hotbed for Iranian backed terrorists like Hezbollah (not that it isn’t already!) and we will probably see the rise of another Sharia-crazy Islamist government typical of what is happening to the other ‘Arab Spring’ nations like Egypt and Libya.
    Assad will try to keep hold of power as long as he can, and the West needs to learn to stop interfering in Middle-Eastern politics. If Assad wants to murder his own people, let him get on with it!

  4. Wouldn’t this be a good thing. Let’s hope that all islamists pack their bags
    and head off to Syria. Also, let’s hope that Assad is ruthless and stays in power
    for years to come.

  5. Softly Bob it will be MB backed terrorists, not Iranian backed one, the MB has North Africa and is working to take over the nations surrounding Israel, this would allow them to make a coordinated attack on Israel. Since it will take a few years for them to take and consolidate their power this leaves Iran as the major threat to Israel, it also puts pressure on Iran to take over the leadership role in Islam. The time it takes the MB to take over the nations surrounding Israel is the time the Iranians have to attack and destroy Israel, the clock is ticking.

  6. bob call us whatever name you want but the fact remain that we strongly stand against oppressors in unity and not pretenders like you who talk like a lion and act like a housefly stupid brat

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